Best Practices in Private Personal Development


What are some of the tools, techniques, and resources you have identified to manager your personal and lifestyle performance development? Examples may include performance metrics, identifying mentors & feedback networks, managing work/life balance.

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Cory Nation
55 months ago

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Personal development starts with a clear understanding of one’s life goal(s) and one’s realities. To clarify the goals, one can use the help of a coach, a mentor, or a trusted friend, to find the direction of one’s endeavors. But remember that one’s life goals can change over time so it is important to review the goals regularily. Once the goal is established, one is motivated to seek out actions to take him or her there. Here is a clear understanding of one’s realities comes in. You can use a variety of tools to assess your reality: MBTI, PDP, Hogan, Big Five and probably a coaching conversation, will help you define your strengths and areas for improvement, and you are ready to develop your strategies and action plans for change. Remember that attention, repetition and positive feedback are key for successful personal transformations.

Clara Wong 王渝佳
55 months ago

Set up goals that are achievable and measurable with a clear deadline, review these on a periodic basis. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, find a mentor and develop your working network even outside your company. Find the right balance between the work and your personal life.

Paolo Beffagnotti
55 months ago

Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. 

The techniques which are useful for measuring performance include:

- SWOT analysis of the before and after

- Assessment of KSAAs

- Results or outcome from standard tests and training programme

- Work appraisals and review

- SMART goals setting, actionable plan and timely delivery of KPIs

- Cost and energy efficiency in the utilization of human, material and time resources

- Evaluation of IQ, EQ and physical health for balance and wellness

Adeshola Kukoyi
55 months ago

Self assessment against an objective criteria is good, but accountability for change is needed. A coach or good friend is needed to help one truly change.

Steve Jones
55 months ago

All of the above are true if they fit the person in question...!
To step into the leading edge of human motivational flow, the approach needs to reflect the 'person' and meet them where they are next naturally going. So to start understand the basis of personality - Integral Theory.

Given the state of the life conditions we face, if one wishes to stimulate new thinking that is more 'complexity aware' then Holistic Management is a great general developmental pathway.

Christopher Cooke
55 months ago

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