Product Market Fit
Better. Faster. Smarter.
Gain speed, agility, relevance and revenue with a practice of market engagement.
Create powerful expert market advisory boards to ignite a new era of relevance.
A revolution of virtual has begun.
A single digital market engagement practice allows companies to learn from, align virtual teams to, and share thought leadership based on the VOICE OF MARKET.
Why Currnt ?
Transformational times deserve a transformational
practice of market engagement.
AI helps find and attract relevant global expert applicants for you to select the ideal participants.
Why talk to a few coin operated mercenaries when you can build a panel of 20-30 passion filled experts.
Subject matter expert facilitators achieve your goals over days, weeks, months or years.
Change is happening too fast to not have on-demand or always-on access to a balance of voices of your market.
Automations transform engagement into insights and content delivered to your design specifications (social, blog, reports, AMPs, white paper
Reports sit in desk drawers. Modern content formats, help get virtual teams on the same page and bolster credibility to your market.

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4 Reliable Steps To Get Started
  • 1
    OVERVIEW: Learn more and determine fit (30 min call)
  • 2
    BRIEFING: Bring your team to align on goals (60 min call)
  • 3
    SCOPE: Detail your goals to an SME facilitator (30 min call)
  • 4
    PRE-LAUNCH: Select panelists and approve scope (30 min call)