Engage Your Market

AI-sourced custom communities that merge market
intelligence and thought leadership


Currnt technology helps you be more relevant and agile by aligning sales, product, and marketing teams with the Voice of the Market. One practice to get insights for your product development, relevant content for your marketing, and qualified leads for sales.

Currnt reveals the why
behind the what

Connect with hard-to-get perspectives to discover needs, trends, and insights that will help you understand the story behind your customers, competitors, markets, and your own brand.

Fast companies use Currnt to be relevant, agile, and innovative by engaging and understanding the perspectives that drive their industry.

Product Innovation Qualitative Researh Customer Feedback Thought Leadership Strategic Selling

Align Teams and Move
Faster End To End

1. Friendly AI bots find and attract exact professionals to apply to your community.

2. Subject matter expert facilitators manage it all end to end.

3. Reliable deliverables ranging from slides, podcasts, blogs, reports, whitepapers, and infographics are all possible.

Next Generation Professional Engagement

Remove the overhead of interviews, waiting for quarterly meetings, and begging professionals to fill out surveys that add no value to their lives. Currnt is changing how companies engage their most important stakeholders because Currnt makes it enjoyable for the participants. Community members learn from one another, at their convenience, and get rewarded and recognized. Currnt is Next Generation Knowledge Networking for professionals that want to stay fresh on topics driving their industry.

Michael Fahey, Corporate Counsel for Large Enterprise, rated his experience a 10

"I really enjoy the platform. Like, I love discussing these topics - but to be able to do so with a group of expert [peers] is amazing. We don't always agree, which is awesome. But everyone is respectful and super smart. Then to get paid on top is like bonus!"

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