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Jackie Rauchberger

Head of Marketing


Steps Product Management and Product Marketing should take to ensure continuous growth during and after the COVD-19 crisis?


Product-focused roles are changing tremendously due to digital transformation, evolving customer expectations and the current global Coronavirus pandemic. Product managers & Product marketers are seeing a large increase in responsibility to ensure continuous growth during and after the pandemic.

Business impact of Covid-19. The novel Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted many B2B companies. Many projects have been placed on hold or cancelled. Targeting customers is currently not easy.

Product managers and product marketers play a pivotal role in product strategy and designing the overall customer experience. And given the pandemic, these two teams are now being seen as leaders.

Remain adaptive. Product-focused roles will have to evolve toward a deeper focus on customer experience. Brands should think about the 'new normal' and find new ways to engage with the target market.

B2B technology companies should harness the business value of Digital Twins, segment their customer base, analyze data, study market trends & consumer habits to prepare during and after the pandemic.


Voice of the customer
Product managers need to take the time to sit in on calls with key customers to listen and understand. Thereafter, develop a clear state of the customer and identify implications and go forward recommendations.


The current pandemic means funding has been cut and many projects put on hold. Product leaders need to leverage this time wisely. They need to take a fresh look at strategies & plans and identify the gaps.


Focus & Enhanced targeting are essential
During the current times there are likely to be reductions in the development of radically new features and a focus on core product enhancements so that business can manage their cash burn.