Clara Wong 王渝佳

Clara Wong 王渝佳

Leadership Coach, Facilitator on leadership topics focusing neuroleadership, Experienced HR Leader, Strategic Consultant

Joined 02/18/2018


I am a seasoned executive coach, senior facilitator on leadership and team engagement topics with a focus on spreading brain-based neuroleadership principles. I am also an HR expert and business consultant. I am an expert in business communication, HR strategic management, leadership development and cross-culture communication.

Being the Chinese and the female face at the executive table of the most successful multinational companies of Retail industry for more than 10 years, I enabled 10 times of growth of the business, 4 times of Best Employer recognition, successful development of hundreds of individuals, and twice top HRD recognitions in China.

I have worn many hats in my career – HR strategist, business consultant, executive coach, senior advisor to CEO, senior trainer, C&B expert, recruiter and facilitator. HR is key facilitator for MNC transformations in Asia. Those who excel are capable of adding significant value to the enterprise through sharp insights into people and the business, and enabling changes. My actual experience has taught me that my professional value boils down to the following:

--I identify business impact on human resources precisely and proactively, and act on it.

--I turn-around sensitive human resources issues during business growth and transformation.

--I know a lot about career success for Asian in MNCs. And I know how women excel in business.

--I establish deep trust with people of all levels, and enable changes in them.

--I am a passionate speaker about strategies and changes. I spoke at business events and to university students.

I love making acquaintance with professionals, consultants, trainers and coaches. Please reach me at if you like to talk about HR, leadership, and Taiji!

Specialties: Executive Coaching, Facilitation, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Retail, Employer Value Proposition, Employee Engagement, Strategic Planning, Succession Planning, Performance Management
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Executive Coach, Facilitator, Principal Consultant, at CEB (Corporate Executive Board), NLI (Neuroleadership Institute), ILC
Leader and Principal Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Speaker at Inspirational Leadership Center
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