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Cory Nation

Capability Manager, Innovation & Technology at Rolls-Royce at Rolls-Royce

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Cory is a proven technical asset and diverse thinker with a history of implementing disruptive changes achieving >$500M of in-year cash savings (collectively). Achieving multiple Black Belt Certifications from GE Oil & Gas and Rolls-Royce and a Professional Engineering License, Cory brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creative thinking with pragmatic and visionary results.
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Design Engineer, DMP Leader, Engineering Black Belt at GE Oil & Gas
Senior Product Engineer at Bridgestone Americas
Value Improvement Lead at Rolls-Royce
Program Lead, Innovation at Rolls-Royce
Capability Manager, Innovaiton & Technology at Rolls-Royce
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Cryptocurrency, Defi, and the Power of Web3
Exploring the role cryptocurrency will have on the future of finance

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Last post 4 days ago
Future of Edge Application Management
As retailers are adopting new POS systems and managing larger amounts of data workloads from the advent of IoT, we want to understand how they are shifting toward computing toward the network edge. Our goal is to explore the latest trends and benefits of application deployment at the edge (and far edge)

This is a unique opportunity for passionate, expert professionals to join 20+ panelists to advance the thinking in this field. This engagement is moderated by an expert Facilitator and is open asynchronously, around-the-clock for your convenience.

Every two weeks, the facilitator will introduce a new subtopic – each theme exploring a new facet related to edge computing.

Participation is exclusive, 100% online, and at your own convenience:
- One-month participation (option to continue)
- Once or twice per week
Participate in this Panel!
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The Startup Journey: Path to Partnerships
Second Design Sprint on P&G Ventures and Start-ups.
Now that the updated brand, assets, and communications are in the marketplace, PGV needs to establish a second baseline. This time to further understand start-ups’ path to partnership, current awareness of PGV, barriers to trial, reaction to the revised brand, communication, and how PGV can secure better alliances. Helping to ascertain anything PGV needs to do, where it needs to be, and how it needs to better communicate.
Designing the Manufacturing Plant of the Future
We want to engage individuals who work at large manufacturing plants (500+ employees) who make or have input on decisions about their organization's capital investments or operations and maintenance investments, including equipment, energy-related products and services, real estate, facility improvement, etc. We want to understand the decision making process, their budget cycle, technology they use, and what needs they have.

We will also take a look at two potential product line offerings to understand appeal, fit with current needs, and any barriers.
The Future of Crowdsourcing Platforms
The future of crowdsourcing. Currently there are a number of different ways to engage external groups of people to complete work. We'd like to engage experts that know something about what companies are creating platforms that make crowds easily accessible, how corporations are engaging in crowdsourcing, and how new technology will keep making it easier and easier to engage experts, consumers, and people with niche skill sets from around the world to complete work in a more innovative way than current models companies incorporate.
Understanding the Challenges of Workshop Facilitators in Qualitative Market Research
I want to build a persona of workshop facilitators for qualitative market research. I want to better understand their unmet needs, alternatives and what needs to be true about a solution that would address some of their toughest issues.
Exploring the Use Cases of IoT Edge Computing
IoT edge computing
We would like to learn more about edge computing use cases across IoT verticals (Industrial, transport, energy, finance, retail, etc). In particular, we'd like to understand what the challenges are in each use case and the KPIs driving those use cases (in terms of the business goal and why "edge" computing is helpful to improving that KPI). If there are commonalities or significant differences between verticals, understanding that is important as well.
Based on those use cases, we'd like to identify companies who are leaders or otherwise actively engaged in these use cases to understand applications (software packages) and application specific challenges so that we can understand, in specific detail, how we can help make those applications better. Eventually we'd like to validate those potential value propositions with a range of experts.
The Future of Industrial Manufacturing
The future of industrial manufacturing
Bringing Innovation into Company Workflow
Evolutionary Changes in the Pace of Innovation -Explore how New Data Sources, Analytics, Access to Experts are intersecting to impact businesses to innovate faster and keep up with the increased pace of their respective markets. What needs to be true about the future solutions that finally move innovation out of the program office and into the workflow of business?
The Future of Airline Customer Experiences
Trends and whitespaces in airline consumer experiences.
Online Advisory Board on Industry Applications for M2M/IoT Modules
Customer Insights for M2M/IoT Modules - understanding the needs companies have with IoT and M2M wireless hardware equipment within industrial and automotive sectors. In what ways are industrial/automotive companies integrating IoT hardware/sensors into their product lines and what capabilities are they seeking from providers/partners?

How can a distributor like TESSCO play a role in distributing FCC and carrier pre-certified modules? Which markets and applications would drive the greatest revenue today and in the near future? What capabilities would TESSCO need to have in order to service these markets effectively?

By FCC and carrier pre-certified modules this means modules which are already integrated onto circuit boards and certified.
IoT-based Interactive Customer Personas
What if your next focus group was a digital personality developed solely off of the data of your target market. What if the future of interacting with customers to get qualitative insights was interacting with a virtual version of your customer that was based on quantitative insights.

IoT will certainly fuel a new era of digital marketing research, so we want to explore what will the role of that data play toward more truthful qualitative market research. Is there a way to leverage the range of data to develop a range of customer personas that can interact much like an advisory board or focus group does today and more closely reflect the real people behavior than a group of real people.

We want to explore this with a range of IoT futurists, human behavior experts, data analytic experts, and IR/VR/digital virtual assistant experts to explore the possibility and impact.
Creating an Industry Benchmark for Oil Well Downtime
What should be the industry benchmark for oil well "down time" and what decisions can this KPI inform?

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