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Adeshola Kukoyi

Location: Nigeria

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Level: LEVEL 05

12 month points: 2764 pts

Total points: 2764 pts

  • Focus: Contributions are valued by peers
  • Accountability: Thoroughly contributes in all areas
  • Sense of Urgency: Consistently responds in a timely fashion
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Government 110
Policy 36
Research 30
Training 26
Analysis 18
Leadership 15
Strategy 12
Social Media 10
Research and Development 5
Nonprofits 4
Business Strategy 3


I am working on and promoting Equilibrium Theory with both relative and absolute perspectives, as follows:

1. A PERFECTLY ELASTIC SYSTEM will RE-BALANCE the effect of finite or infinite STRESS (demand) on it...after a given period of TIME; while a PARTIALLY ELASTIC or INELASTIC SYSTEM, may proceed to DECLINE or DEATH.

2. A PART of an infinite WHOLE is NOTHING compared to the WHOLE.

It is a multidisciplinary thinking to enlighten people, globally, about the dynamics of natural and man-made systems in relation to the common threats, opportunities, weaknesses and strengths inherent in the world's social, cultural, political and economic environment; within the context of 21st century globalization.

Globalization has not only reduced the space and time for both contact and activities in the world today through the deployment of information, technology and capital by national, multinational or transnational entities. It is also accelerating and magnifying the dimensions of factors and forces which may undermine development, namely: poverty, hunger, unemployment, diseases, financial crises, climate change and social unrest. These problems portends grave consequences for the stability and safety of the entire global system of seven (7) billion people, if unchecked. A threat to one may become amplified to be threat to many or perhaps all. Recent developments have confirmed the concerns that I have raised here notably the consequences of uncontrolled migration and various threats to national security. The implications for the global system would have been worse but for interventions such as the Paris Climate Agreement and the SDGs. The effects of Brexit on the psychology of supra national organization such as EU coupled with the rising influence of populist governments can not be over emphasized.

There is need to sustain global discussions and consensus on energy as an essential resource and evolve new paradigm for more balanced and auspicious global system of nations.


Founder and CEO


April 2014 - Present

SUN & GREEN INTERNATIONAL is committed to re-engineering the thinking of individuals, organizations and nations for positive change and enlisting their active collaboration, participation and sustained partnership in making lives "green" and better for all.

We believe that renewable energy solutions for a truly "green" future must be smart, clean, safe, available, durable and affordable.

Please join us to make our businesses, communities and economies "green" for a brighter, peaceful and prosperous future! Be a "green" advocate today!

Researcher and Promoter


January 2014 - Present

EQUILIBRIUM PERSPECTIVES in personal, leadership, academic, business and environmental areas of life is a multidisciplinary thinking aimed at explaining how we and our environment are part of everything (energy) ; matter, radiation and space. It also reveals how our social, economic and political space works and are connected through globalization; as well as how we may compete or cooperate either to succeed or fail in our collective actions as a global community.

Individuals, organizations and nations interact continuously, in perpetuity, through the environment. Man and the environment are interdependent and dynamic. The social, economic and political space need a healthy environment and sustainable development to flourish. A healthy environment and sustainable development are therefore the panacea to global hunger, unemployment, poverty, disease, financial crises and climate change.

Visioner and Promoter

Global Energy Movement - GEM

January 2014 - Present

GEM is essentially about 'universal energy rights' advocacy, enlightenment, lobby and action for positive change!

GEM is an equal partnership for positive global action on universal rights to energy.

Dear Partner and Friend,

I humbly wish to share with you my vision for a Global Energy Movement - GEM.

The Global Energy Movement - GEM, is an initiative to create awareness on the infractions and distortions undermining the workings of Free Market economic model and implications for local, national and global economy.

Our goal is to bring the attention of individuals, organizations and nations to the precarious effect of poverty, hunger, unemployment, diseases, financial crises and climate change on peace and security everywhere; enlighten people on avenues to re-balance the global system and proffer workable solutions to the vicious cycle of problems.

We believe that there is need for fair access to the limited global energy resources and are campaigning for realistic pricing of natural raw materials and technology products or services for energy availability and use.

I wish to solicit the voice and support of everyone in this effort to restore our home (the earth) to a sustainable path.

Welcome to the Future!

Best regards.

Adeshola .R. Kukoyi,


Green Initiatives and Events in Lagos, Nigeria (2013)

July 2013 - Present

* 2013 Tree Planting Day, Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area, Lagos, Nigeria.

* Green Building Council Nigeria / Green Building Council South Africa Star for the Nigeria Local
Content Report, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.

* Waste Management, Entrepreneurship and Youth Development in Nigeria, University of Lagos,
Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.

* Sustainable Solid Waste Management: Promoting Environmentally Sound Disposal and 3R;
organized by University of Lagos and the Embassy of Japan in Nigeria.

* 2013 Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Team Nigeria Project on Creating
Awareness on Sustainable Waste Management Practices: A Response to Climate Change,
Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area, Lagos, Nigeria.



June 2013 - Present

A "Green" dynamic and highly integrated, world class organization providing human capital and renewable energy solutions; with focus on optimal performance and transformation leadership, for sustainable human development.

Interested in global partnerships with individuals, organizations and nations.


Zero Energy and Green Building Project

May 2013 - Present

The Zero Energy and Green Building - ZE&GB Project, by Dr. Henry Boyo, senior lecturer, Department of Physics, University of Lagos, is a renewable energy solution, known and used in different parts of the world. This solution which may be adapted to residential or commercial settings, is designed to Use, Re-New and Re-Use energy; effectively, efficiently and sustainable manner. The energy sources may be physical: solar (photovoltaic and photothermal) or wind, biological: bio-diesel and bio-gas and so on. Essentially, ZE&GB involves energy savings, storage and salvage techniques, materials, processes and technologies. The building is designed, constructed and managed to produce, as much as possible, the energy it consumes. The ZE&GB reduces pressure and dependence on national grid for electric power, clean up domestic and metropolitan wastes, reduces environmental pollution and climate threats from use of fossil fuels. ZE&GB can be used to provide clean and affordable fuels, food, water and comfortable housing. Welcome to the future!


University of Lagos; Central Industrial Liaison & Placement Unit

October 2011 - Present

I participate in planning, organizing, coordination and reporting of Students' Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) operations, as part of University-wide SIWES management, across 8 Faculties, 27 Departments., and 33 Programmes; involving over 1,800 Students on SIW 300 and 400. Internal & External Liaison Services, Policy Development, Analysis and Implementation involving the National Universities Commission (NUC) and Industrial Training Fund (ITF). SIWES Orientation, Placement, Posting, Supervision and Assessment. Vetting and Signing of SIWES Documents. Compilation of Master and Placement Lists. Participation in SIWES Technical Committee and Zonal Meetings, Biennial Conferences. Membership of Statutory and Adhoc Committees


Peer Review, Research & Development Committee, Lagos Quarterly SIWES Zonal Supervisory Meeting

October 2011 - Present

Providing leadership through committee work, with the cooperation of the relevant Industrial Training Fund offices, for understudying the operational challenges involved in the smooth implementation of the Students' Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) - a form of work-integrated learning framework in Nigeria; involving fourteen (14) tertiary institutions in the Lagos zone and offering solution in form of research, insight and technical support to the concern institution's coordinator.

Institution Coordinator

Lagos Quarterly SIWES Zonal Supervisory Meeting

February 2007 - Present

Being a Coordinator at the University of Lagos; I represent the University at the forum comprising fourteen (14) tertiary institutions and six (6) Industrial Training Fund (ITF) offices in the Lagos zone. We do periodic evaluation of the Students' Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) operations within institutions and identify local and national issues or challenges militating against its smooth implementation; as well as opportunities for addressing them, on quarterly basis. We make resolutions from which policy interventions are carried and solutions proffered to the problems from time-to-time.

Facilitator, Knowledge Creator and Member of the Advisory Board


February 2018 - Present

Exploring the Ideal Home of the Future (2030) for the Aging Population in US and Asia.

Exploring Biodegradable Plastics in the Environment

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