Covid-19 and Higher Education


How would COVID-19 affect higehr education?

Higher Education
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Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
51 months ago

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I think COVID-19 will and has changed education - both higher education and elementary education. It seemed like higher education was more prepared to finish semesters using online tools. I am not so sure secondary education was prepared. I know in some states the teachers/educators were not prepared to go to distance learning. While I think online learning is great - it is not for everyone. Every person has different learning styles and some students can adapt quicker than others. Hopefully distance learning will remain an option and not be the ONLY option.

Cristen Taylor, MBA
50 months ago

Hi all, my employer published an article on the topic of higher education and how it's going to be impacted by our fast-paced move to virtual education due to COVID-19. I really think it adds value so sharing here.....

I have personally adopted using 'Netflix style' learning to bridge gaps in my skills as a leader more quickly. While an MBA is a longer-term 'nice to have' a few free online certificate programs from LinkedIn bridge the gap for me almost instantly so I can add value where needed at work right away.

Chelsea Marti, M.A.
51 months ago

It puts students at information risk, if they do not have the appropriate tools to protect their online sessions with the school and their curriculum.
The school should implement a secure session tool along with where information is stored to be secured appropriately through those sessions.

Timothy Smit
51 months ago

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