Medical School Ethics versus Business School Ethics?


Is there a difference?

In the evolutionary shifts in models for medical care, physicians have been asked to embrace business values of efficiency and cost effectiveness, sometimes at the expense of their professional judgment and personal values.

So - Is Medical School Ethics the SAME as Business School Ethics?

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Dr. David E. M
62 months ago

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Ethics are a human topic. At the end the same ethics are valid for all kind of industries. Violations to ethics in Medical School may have more relevant consequences ("life or dead") than in companies in other industries, for this, the company has to invest more to think about ethics. Medicine and Business have to think about long-term values, so theoretically, ethics should be the same.

Patrick Henz
62 months ago
MEDICINE = more ethics - Dr. David E. 62 months ago
BUSINESS = more law - Dr. David E. 62 months ago
Reputation is a key for business success. Reputation is based on business ethics, this concept goes further than just complying with laws and guidelines. - Patrick 62 months ago
REALLY - Ask any politician or attorney? It may have been unethical BUT not illegal. - Dr. David E. 62 months ago
So - Will you argue the legal doctrine of quod est necessarium est licitum? - Dr. David E. 62 months ago
Au contraire, companies have to comply with values, instead of only laws. As ethics are more strict and the laws, reputation gets fosters and legal security ensured. - Patrick 62 months ago
NOOOOOOO! Ethics are not more strict than laws? OMG - Dr. David E. 62 months ago

Medical School ethics have the included responsibility of "doing no harm" which is to be taken VERY SERIOUSLY and across a much BROADER and at the same time DETAILED spectrum. It requires a personal touch and/or connection to the patient. James Washin, D.P.M.

James Washin, D.P.M.
62 months ago
Really? Define "harm." And, to whom? - Dr. David E. 62 months ago
no harm to the patient. Opposite of Chemical Profiteering or 'prescribing' opiates, for example, instead of finding the source of the pain. - James 62 months ago
Prescribing opiates instead of running a blood test and finding high levels of Uric Acid(Gout) which is not uncommon in South Florida(over-prescribing of addictive painkillers. - James 62 months ago
OK - Dr. David E. 62 months ago
"Doing no harm" should be included into all corporate ethics and culture. The only difference, medical schools are more in the focus of society and have to comply with more rules. - Patrick 62 months ago
Business schools? Win at any cost. - James 62 months ago
No - just legal costs. Not any? - Dr. David E. 62 months ago

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