Vacation: Long Haul on Budget Airlines


Travelling for vacation, would you do a long haul of say, 14 hours flight non-stop on a budget (low cost) airline?

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Emmanuel Ekpenyong
37 months ago

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If you're a person of very small stature and can sleep on a plane, then maybe. I'm neither of those. And, I have flown enough to know what amenities are available, so would not commit to a long-haul without the comforts.

Michelle Lapierre
37 months ago
I will - I have AND I will again - Dr. David E. 22 months ago

I would not fly on a budget career for a long haul flight. I have flown several times to Asia and Europe and feel that I would rather spend more to have a more comfortable flight. Flying those distances can be challenging enough, but doing it on a flight with smaller amount of room and few ammenities would make the experience even more challenging.

Mike Jarmus
37 months ago

NO!! An extended flight of 9,10, 14 or more hours is torture enough on a "regular", standard airline. Being stuffed like sardines into tiny, packed seats on a budget airline with zero amenities would be worse than any torture I can imagine!

Diane Bukatman
37 months ago
Definitely no. For a 14h non-stop flight I will just go for a regular airline. I just went back from Australia, 3 flights from Sydney to Amsterdam (14,5h, 6h, 1,5h) plus stops at the airports, no way I could use a low cost company for these. I don't think that save money on this is better than save your health. - Paolo 37 months ago

Not averse to budget airlines, if only they offered lie flat seating on long hauls I'd be all for it. But betting that is not what you mean. Might there be an opportunity for a "budget business class airline" that prices business class seating somewhere between economy and business prices? I'd be all for that!

Dawn Houghton
37 months ago
like this: - Dawn 37 months ago

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