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Dawn Houghton

Innovation Consultant at Dawn of Innovation, LLC

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Dawn Houghton is an innovation consultant with 40+ years experience. She led CPG and B2B innovation teams delivering billions in global new product initiatives. Dawn is a front end innovation expert experienced in Marketing, Market Research, Product Development, R&D/Technology, and Strategy. She has a proven track record of driving top-line business growth by leveraging expertise in consumer insight, vision, innovation, strategy, and brand expansion. She is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives by truly understanding their needs and translating them into solutions delivering profitable business opportunities. On Currnt, Dawn is known as a top rated facilitator and a Level 6 top contributor.
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Innovation Consultant at Dawn of Innovation, LLC
Senior Director Corporate Innovation at Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Section Head at Procter & Gamble
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Developing Corporate Sustainability and Product Goals for Fashion and Apparel Industry
As sustainability has become a larger focus in the fashion and apparel industry, we are looking to discuss how companies can best develop their strategic approach, increase transparency around corporate carbon metrics, and develop more sustainable practices and products.
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Cleaning Dirty Jobs: Innovative Professional Cleaning Solutions
We are working with a large cleaning products company that wants to learn from home improvement professionals and contractors about the value of clean job sites, tools, and clothes as a part of their business. We are bringing together a small group of 20-30 home improvement professionals to discuss their specific needs, challenges they are facing, best practices they follow, and the products they are using.

Participation is fun and super easy! The panel is completely online and text-based where you can participate at your convenience. As a participant, all you need to do is go in once a week, spend 15-mins to share your thoughts, and get paid $50 per week for 3 weeks for being an active participant. You will also get to see what others have to say and react to each other’s ideas

We are kicking off this online discussion over the next few days so so apply now to secure your spot.

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