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Of all business functions B2B Sales is very much an interpersonal experience. Trust is key. What can we learn from the B2C Ecommerce AI approach to improve our process?

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Glenn Wastyn
51 months ago

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Agreed on interpersonal requirements of B2B, probably more than B2C. However, AI can help assist with this aspect of and can automatically integrate best practices (e.g. emotional intelligence, etc.). This warrants time investment in emerging solutions which not as sophisticated in comparison to future applications, can help companies start benefiting from AI personalization in B2B. Check out Versium as one example....

Gates Ouimette
51 months ago

Ai could support B2C marketers to understand consumers by taking automated decision making and improve how to better engage with them. Having a better customization of the messages going beyond generic mass mail, create faster and smarter searches through big amount of data, improving security, etc.

Paolo Beffagnotti
51 months ago
Ya I agree with Paolo. - Abhishek 51 months ago

AI for B2B Sales allows both the heart and the science of sales to operate at its full potential. AI for Sales can help sellers provide better insights to customers, be more relevant with messaging and timing, and replace not-selling activities with value-add selling activities. AI for B2B Sales will help sales leaders who are struggling with how to make good reps, great.

What is key to any AI initiative is great data -- here is some research that I thought the group would find interesting

Kevin O'Malley
51 months ago

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