How will gaming consoles be in the future?


Gaming console has been a popular form of entertainment where is has always associated with bad claims such as the raise of sedentary life style, younger generation who are more social withdrawn or introvert due to gaming, However, the gaming industry has brought us various advantages such as the usage of gaming console in the medical industry despite their associated negative connotations (surgical procedure demo training, home base physiotherapy program, gaming as psychology therapy for children, cognitive stimulation in the geriatric population....), Thus, how will the gaming console evolution in the future and what positive impact it will bring to us?

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Lawrence Loy
18 months ago

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I guess we have to honest that the goal of video games is first of all pure entertaining. Of course there are positive side effects, such as children develop better reflexes or get a first insight on coding. Also via "gamification", games can transport relevant information, this could be done via educational games, but also as side effects, as different games present a unknown culture.

Different organization may team-up with game designers, for example users can support scientists:

Gamification is mostly seen as a possibility to communicate information. But the development went already one step further. The prestigious University of Geneva will partner up with the science-fiction online game EVE. The university will provide 167,000 deep space light curve images to the game community, where the users can use their virtual space ships to explore this information and support science to discover new exoplanets. EVE Online includes up 500,000 players and due to this, presents a relevant source to support the chronically understaffed scientific projects.

The game simulates a virtual world, where players can take on the role of spaceship captain and discover the wonders of the galaxy. With the connection to the university, the game becomes reality, as the users, sitting before their home computers, become scientists acting inside a virtual space. The software simulates a virtual object based on the scientific data and, inside his or her role, the human user evaluates it. If enough users evaluated the planet information, the games sends the information back to the university.

Patrick Henz
18 months ago
Great example Patrick Henz. ! How would you think that the future gaming console would contribute in the future as a intergrative smart home entertaiment device? - Lawrence 18 months ago
Lawrence Chun Wei Loy , a good question! It seems that Generation Z is quite hybrid, as they enjoy traditional game consoles (even retro ones), but nevertheless besides like playing on the smart phone. Via Amazon Prime you can play basic video games (similar to smart phone ones) and on the other hand you can connect via PlayStation also with Netflix, Amazon Prime and other content providers. - Patrick 18 months ago
If would create a basic game console, where the whole game is installed in the Crowed, such a console would not need specific technology and could be flexible enough to act as one integrated smart home and entertainment device. Technical possible, but one company as to integrate games designers and streaming services. - Patrick 18 months ago

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