Lawrence Loy
Medical Doctor, research fellowship

  • Focus: Contributions are valued by peers
  • Accountability: Thoroughly contributes in all areas
  • Sense of Urgency: Consistently responds in a timely fashion
  • Team: Frequently supports and responds to peers


Awards earned:





Level: LEVEL 06

12 month points: 7985 ptsView details

Total points: 7985 pts

Medicine 203
Physiotherapy 143
Acupuncture 95
technology 75
Customer Experience 62
Customer Service 43
Aging 40
Chinese Medicine 26
Nutrition 26
Fitness 3
Marketing Strategy
Gaming Industry


Dr. Lawrence Loy has earned his medical degrees from Escuela Latino Americana de Medicina, La Havana. He has recently graduated from his MBA studies. Currently, he practices medicine in a teaching medical hospital in conjunction as a research fellowship in analytical and pharmaceutical chemistry in which his main interest of study include personalized drug delivery system in focus on the neuro degenerative disease such as Alzheimer, Parkinson and Multiple sclerosis Moreover he has read Food science and Nutrition from University Malaysia Sabah before he graduated with a medical degree. Dr. Lawrence is licensed as a Medical doctor and practice not only general medicine but also food science, nutrition and dietetics. He has joined a variety of voluntary work to provide health care and support to the underserved community in the world. He is particularly interested in improving the quality of life of the community he works with. Due to the reason that he is able to speak a variety of languages besides English; such as Spanish, French, mandarin, Cantonese, and Malay. He is able to communicate well with his community and works with a broad range of patient from different parts of the world. Moreover during his medical student years he has been selected to join the Neurosurgery medical student trainee tutor ship program under the “Movimiento de Frank Pais award’ in Almandro Millian Castro University hospital Santa Clara, Cuba. Furthermore he is also active in teaching where he was selected to join the “Estudiante Ayudante de Movimiento de Frank Pais” Medical student instructor level where he delivers biochemistry and nutrition night re-enforcement classes and tutorship for medical student in preparation for their final exams in ELAM. He has also won a few medical award for his study such as the Guyana Medical student brigade community study “outstanding award” with title of study : El Comportamiento de Diabetes Mellitus Tipo 2 en el Diamond diagnostic center, Guyana.Dr. Lawrence is also an avid traveler. He is particularly interested in health or medical tourism but also active in back backing tourism such as couch surfing and Airbnb. He has a better understanding of tourism pattern in the Caribbean and Latin America since he has been living and traveling in this region for 7 years.Lastly, Dr Lawrence is has a profound passion in Marine biology where he had won a Malaysia marine biology conservationist award back in this secondary studies. He has participated in various NGO to maintain the South East Asia coral reef ecosystem.


Internal Medicine Resident

Singapore National University Hospital

January 2017 - December 2020

*Clinical rotations of various specialty

Physician (Primary care House officer)

Ministry of Health Guyana

January 2015 - June 2015

*Screening of community health status
*Practice prevention medicine
*Infectious diseases treatment,prevention and education
*Chronic diseases treatment, prevention and education

Physician ( Emergency medicine House officer)

Diamond Diagnostic Center, Guyana

July 2015 - December 2015

*Provide emergency and acute medical care