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How do we craft and advance a national nutrition policy, based in solid research / science, instead of ideological agendas or corporate influence. (Could include various pathways of eating, not just one).

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Mona Cummings
32 months ago

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What I would do is first eliminate all the foods and drinks that we know for a fact are bad for us. So I would make sure the policy had very little sugar, artificial sweetner's except stevia, sodas, processed foods, gluten, trans- fats, artificial additives, preservatives, dyes and antibiotics. These are all proven by hard science to be bad for us for various reasons. Then I would put in foods without any of the above that are proven to be good for us. This would include sufficient water, healthy fats, high quality proteins and complex high fiber carbohydrates from good fruits and vegetables. Once this was done then I would come up with various types of menus that have a high degree of acceptance from scientists and Doctors.

Keith Kantor
32 months ago

Every night when I watch the Olympics and see Coca-Cola advertisements between almost every break, I wonder how many people realize that drinking soft drinks is NOT something these athletes can do in getting ready for competing in the Olympics. When I speak on Nutrition topics, one of the topics I share is "What Happens In The Body When You Drink A Coke." Your body does not like soft drinks. In fact, drinking soda is bad for your health in so many ways science cannot even begin to state ALL the consequences to your health. Here is what happens in your body when you assault it with a Coke:

-      Within the first 10 minutes – 10 teaspoons of sugar HIT your system – this is 100% of your recommended daily intake and the ONLY reason you do not vomit due to the overwhelming sweetness is because phosphoric acid cuts the sweetness. Unfortunately, phosphoric acid BLOCKS absorption of calcium in your bones
-      Within 20 minutes – your blood sugar spikes and your LIVER responds to the burst of insulin by turning massive amounts of sugar into FAT.
-      Within 40 minutes – caffeine absorption is complete – your pupils dilate, blood pressure rises and your liver dumps more sugar into your bloodstream
-      About 45 minutes later – your body increases dopamine production which stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain – which by the way – is the physical identical response to that of heroin
-      AFTER ONE HOUR – you will start to have a blood sugar crash and likely reach for another Coke or another source of sugar or caffeine. 

DIET SOFT DRINKS have a whole host of other problems related to artificial sweeteners due to the fact that they PROMOTE HUNGER – why?? The brain registers that you received something sweet – however, your stomach says “where is it?” This is why many people report feeling hungry within an hour of consuming a diet soft drink.

Artificial sweeteners like aspartame or Equal have been shown to cause headaches, irritability, moodiness and brain imbalances. The body doesn’t recognize the molecules in artificial sweeteners and therefore shuttles them to the fat cells. Who needs that? 

Sherry Granader
32 months ago
- Authorities should fulfil their role and obligations and regulate the use of artificial food additives that have been shown to have a negative impact on human health. - Eating healthy is often a matter of cost. Authorities need to encourage consumption of wholesome food by making its cost comparable to "junk" food. - Karel 32 months ago

New Food policy could be easy.
Just move subsidies to greens so it would be cheaper to buy a salad, fruit, veggies than a hamburger.
Organic would be even better but it's a start.

Jacquie Walburn
32 months ago

Corporate influence will always be present but there has to be shift to corporates that have health and nutrition at the heart of their strategy. It's not enough to reduce sugar and salt in some products, it must be a business that has sustainable nutrition at its heart.

David Cottrell
32 months ago

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