David Cottrell


David Cottrell

Managing Director @ Gradient Limited at Gradient Limited

Joined 10/31/2017. Invited by
Jay Dwivedi


Do you know..
Where to Compete?
How to Win?
Are you Organised for Success?
Either as a consultant, hands-on sales support or trainer for your business, David Cottrell can help your business grow and develop.
Your time can only be used once so make sure it is targeted towards customers that will value and pay for your service and products.

Through Gradient I can offer consulting and development support across all business areas in order to make sure that the right customers are being approached and that a strong message is in place with your customer-facing teams.

If sales are tight it is essential that costs are brought into line. Gradient can also offer excellence in supply chain and procurement in order to minimise expenditure and inefficiencies without compromising the quality of the delivered products and services.

Specialties: Corporate and Functional Strategy: Development and Implementation
Sales & Marketing, Procurement, Risk Management, M&A Transition Management, Negotiating Skills, Operational Excellence. Career Ladders, Incentive Schemes.
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Level: LEVEL 06 (12mo pts: 5527 pts)

Rating: 4.72/5 stars (5228 ratings)

Lifetime points: 31453 pts

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Managing Director at Gradient Limited
Business Development at Advanced Technical Products
Business Development at LAUS GmbH
Council Member at GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group)
Non Executive Director at The Green Machine
VitalinQ at VitalinQ
Business Mentor Volunteer at The Prince's Trust
Personalised Nutrition & Health at TNO
Performance Climate System Practitioner at Performance Climate Systems Ltd
Trainer at MDI Management Development International
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1-on-1 Interview on the Future of Electric Vehicle Production and Development
We are looking for experts in the automotive industry working on electric vehicles to join a 1-hour interview to help understand the challenges and innovations impacting the development of electric vehicles now and in the future. Experts that participate in the 1-hour interview will earn $200 at the conclusion of the Zoom call.
Sustainable Hydrogen Production to Meet Fuel Energy of the Future
As we continue to look for sustainable methods to fuel our energy needs, we are looking to explore how feasible clean hydrogen is as an alternative fuel source. We want to envision the future of the energy industry to be more sustainable and the technologies that will help achieve this goal.
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The Closed-loop Textiles and Garments Industry of the Future
As new technologies make it affordable to separate materials from textiles and garments, we want to understand how these technologies can be used to create a circular, closed-loop industry and how those in the ecosystem can coordinate to make it a win for all parties and the environment. We are assembling a panel of experts to discuss how the textile and garment industry will shift in the future to meet these sustainability needs and requirements.
The Current Practice of Competitive Intelligence
As markets shift faster than ever, we want to engage in a discussion to build a playbook for companies to source competitive intelligence. We will look to explore the challenges and opportunities facing competitive and market intelligence leaders on their current existing practices and identify how companies can enhance what they are doing.
Small Business Leaders and SMBs Outlook on the Future
As we continue to move through the pandemic, our objective is to learn from a range of small & medium business owners and business leaders about their challenges, needs, and attitudes towards managing and growing their business, and the trends that may affect their business. We want to explore the needs and priorities for services and tools to sustain and grow their businesses, in areas such as technology, financial services, and logistics and transportation.

This is a unique opportunity for passionate, expert professionals to join 20+ panelists to advance the thinking in this field. This engagement is moderated by an expert Facilitator and is open asynchronously, around-the-clock for your convenience.

Every two weeks, the facilitator will introduce a new subtopic – each theme exploring a new facet related to how to create small & medium business growth into the future.

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