Jacquie Walburn

Jacquie Walburn

BS Nutrition/GI Mastery Certification: Condition Specific Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach/Leaky Gut Girl.'Successfully empowering YOU to take back YOUR health!'

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Condition Specific Nutrition & Lifestyle coach, Gastro-Int./Leaky gut specialist, speaker/Author at Real Health Solutions/

Author/Condition specific nutritional counselor at self

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"Empowering YOU to take back YOUR life for better health and vitality using real, whole, targeted foods, nutritional, botanicals, and lifestyle."

Specializing in leaky gut issues: over 180 conditions are now on the autoimmune spectrum originating from leaky gut inflammation - from diabetes/obesity to arthritis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and even cancer. Fix the gut, fix the body.

Get off the Yo-Yo, 'sick-care' system that bleed your pocketbook dry and cures nothing. Imagine the possibilities, feeling great everyday, no medications, energy to do anything you want,.....

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I have spent my whole life being abandoned by Western medicine over & over again. My journey has taken me to true healing of my own 5 auto-immune conditions & learned about many more along the way such as diabetes, weight loss, IBS, diarrhea, constipation, Crohn's, colitis, leaky gut, candida,....and made the connections to reversing these issues and I now successfully help others take charge of their lives.

Life purpose: Under all circumstances, I am that we are the source of increased awareness of health that I cause the empowerment to all to take charge of our own healing & vitality.

Career Objective:
To share my education, experience, and philosophy in educating optimal health through nutrition as a facilitator, and health/cooking/shopping/lifestyle coach to improve and support health of all life on the planet.

My Vision:
I believe it is our responsibility to educate future generations how to naturally optimize health. The opportunity to learn how to plan, shop, grow, produce, and prepare nutritious food to meet individual nutritional needs should be available to all – children, adults, students, faculty, and staff. My goal is to participate in sharing this knowledge in as many venues as possible and work with other professionals involved in this goal.


Condition Specific Nutrition & Lifestyle coach, Gastro-Int./Leaky gut specialist, speaker/Author

Real Health Solutions/

December 2014 - Present

Nutrition & Lifestyle coach/teacher/mentor/guide -
Love to be a part of your healthcare team.

Jim Wood, via
"OUTSTANDING Health /Nutrition Coach"
"Jacquie is the REAL DEAL. I was introduced to Jacquie by a friend who I witnessed make substantial progress from a Parkinson's. I ask him "what are you doing to make this turn-around?" This led to Jacquie.... At this point here are highlights...: Massive knowledge.... Absolutely Passionate about my well being and health. Has a vast resource library of Herbs & Products for my specific issues. She did an extensive review of my complaints, eating habits and current food choices...'What was really useful' was once we found what's needed; Jacquie showed me how to find these products from COSTCO and online for up to 80% less than retail!! She's a Gem! A TRUSTED Partner in my Health and Well Being. I AM SO GLAD I MET HER."

Jacquie does not just talk the talk but walk the walk. She was abandoned by Western Medicine 'sickcare' system & left to a life of 6 auto-immune conditions, pain, meds, disabled future, & left to a life of dragging herself out of bed & suffering in silence. She turned her back on them & went on a healing journey & reverse it all! - arthritis, allergies, asthma, obesity, borderline diabetes, eczema, 40 years of pain, stage 3 kidney disease, & lost 90 lbs.

Now she is on a journey to help other heal themselves. Her knowledge base extends beyond her BS in Nutrition with strengths in microbiology leading her to specialize in the microbiome & digestive health conditions/diseases such as leaky gut, diabetes, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, candida, Parkinson's Alzheimers, MS, Dementia, cancer, etc with functional medicine approach + root cause resolution with condition specific food plans, shopping lists, nutritionals, & botanical protocols.

She is also the author of 'Heal Thyself Naturally', a synopsis of researched herbal, nutritional, food therapies available on

Author/Condition specific nutritional counselor


November 1999 - Present

"Heal Thyself Naturally" available on on herbal, food, & nutritional alternatives -


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