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Mona N. Cummings just returned to the USA after living 3 years in Harare, Zimbabwe. While in Africa, she helped local art producers connect with international markets, started a brand new chapter of PechaKucha, worked with a foundation to enhance educational opportunities for rural schoolchildren (namely girls), and completed certifications from ACE to become a Personal Trainer and Weight Management Specialist. Currently, Mona independently operates a social media brand called BantingUSA, which supports individuals striving to improve their personal health and fitness. Mona has a distinguished background in fundraising and program development/management. She never shies away from a good challenge, or asking for a good cause. Mona has lived in many corners of the world and considers herself a World Citizen, lucky to be an American - and is completely devoted to the act of life-long learning.
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Senior Director of Resource Development at United Way Fresno and Madera Counties
Founder, Social Media Strategist at BantingUSA
Experience Coordinator (Founder) at Southern Africa - Zimbabwe Safaris for Weight Loss & Lifestyle Change (SAZIMS)
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The Rise of Women Leaders in Financial Services
We are conducting research specifically around women in financial services. The research is to evaluate the evolution and composition of women in financial services leadership roles over the last decade and to assess the impact that sponsorship and mentorship play in the development, advancement, and retention of the next generation of women leaders in FSIs

Key questions we want to address:

1. Is sponsorship an essential component to the advancement and retention of the next generation of women leaders in financial services?

2. Are financial institutions meeting (or exceeding) the need for formal and informal mentorship programs that help prepare the next generation of women leaders in financial services?

3. How can sponsorship and mentorship opportunities prepare women leaders for the digital future in financial services?
Trends Shaping the Future of Professional Services
The project team has identified a set of trends expected to drive long-term changes in the Professional Services industry (i.e. PS Trends 2030).

However, many uncertainties/debates surround the identified trends and their implications for the PS industry.

These include questions related to client demand and buying preferences. For example, how will clients select and engage with PSFs in the future? What value will clients place on specialized vs. broad-based expertise?

Other uncertainties involve long-term implications of technology. How will technology consultants add value in 2030? Will automation lead to outsourcing or insourcing? How should PSFs think about data strategy?
Exploring the Ecosystem Surrounding 'In-the-moment' Personal Performance Management
Our mission? Simple, identify the ecosystem of individuals and organizations helping to create innovations in the world of Performance Management. What's performance management in this context? Any system, tool or resource used by people to optimize their daily lives/performance. In this case, we're looking for are in the moment opportunities. Things that create immediate actions or solutions. For example, precision diagnostics provided by hardware connected to your smart device, connected to your smart phone.
Exploring the Ecosystem Surrounding Lifestyle Performance Management
how different industries play a role and approach developing unique solutions in personal performance management (both healthy lifestyles and "In-the-moment" enhancements perspectives).

Priority - Personal Performance Management
1) In the moment Personal performance management - Enhancements
2) Healthy Life Style (Microbiome, Gut Health, Habit Change Around Food, etc.)
Need to identify differentiator
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