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Ideas come from everywhere. How can large healthcare and lifesciences (pharma) organizations, those needing to meet regulatory requirements, achieve creative and innovative solutions in business units to ensure engagement considering consumer insights? How does technology support this process?

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Vera Rulon
34 months ago

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If I understand the question correctly, they currently do this via online portals that they sponsor, along with tools like Convetit.

Michael Fruhling
34 months ago
Yes they do. In my previous role we also brought in patients/consumers for innovation workshops, and created mobile tools to help management diseases. My question related to not only rebuilding trust (engagement) but also helping people take action on their health. - Vera 34 months ago

Vera, ideas do come from everywhere, however uncovering them requires a considered and strategic approach. A well structured consumer/patient/target group insights program would apply creative and iterative learning techniques to well defined business needs and questions to arrive at innovative solutions.
Fundamentally you need to get your commercial and development teams to interact with their target groups in an open and curiosity-led manner, applying their understanding of the business and its challenges to the "reality" of the treatment situation.

Giles Catcheside
34 months ago
Agree. Giles Catcheside The "reality" of the situation can be very personal and there isn't necessarily a one size fits all solution. - Vera 33 months ago

Another option is social media and digital communications listening. There is more and more information being shared by people via telling their personal stories and experiences living with certain diseases, interaction with healthcare delivery (which helps increase understanding of "beyond the pill" concepts), and more.
I'm seeing more and more pharma companies leveraging this type of information, whether via organizations such as WEGO or through their own programs.
That said, I wonder if pharma has yet fully embraced social listening to improve innovation?

Vera Rulon
33 months ago

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