Vera Rulon


Vera Rulon

Healthcare Transformer & Pioneer | Longevity & Aging Thought Leader | Patient & Caregiver Advocate at Tir Health Advisors LLC

Joined 02/02/2017


Vera is a creative and innovative healthcare strategist and thought leader with a keen interest in empowering providers, patients and caregivers to take charge of their health. This includes better communication between healthcare providers, payers, the life sciences, communities, and patients/caregivers; ensuring access to healthcare all over the world; and, importantly, the use of data and research to advance public health world-wide.

Her expertise is within the Life Sciences/Pharma arena, where she is focused on strategy and operationalizing longevity and aging programs, patient engagement and patient voice. Vera worked with Pfizer for over 18 years and was focused on strategic brand communications (consumer), operations, R&D (clinical trial documentation) and more. She is the President of Tir Health Advisors and is currently working with the ATA (American Telemedicine Association) as a senior advisor supporting COVID-19 best practices/response and a strategic initiative on decentralized clinical trials.

Tir Health Advisors consults in 3 areas: strategy and operationalizing healthy longevity/aging programs and initiatives, patient engagement and ensuring patient voice in design and transformation, and helping individuals and organizations navigate the healthcare system in order to provide their services in new areas beyond their current capabilities.
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Chair Elect, Board of Directors at AHIMA Foundation
Strategic Medical Communications, Chief of Staff/Medical Affairs, Global Trial Master File/Records Management at Pfizer Inc.
Manager of Clinical Informatics at Oxford Health Plans
Knowledge Creator at Currnt
Founder and President at Tir Health Advisors LLC
Senior Advisor Strategy at Personal Connected Health Alliance
Chief Content Officer at Proximity Health Solutions
Board of Directors at Society for Participatory Medicine
Senior Advisor Strategy at ATA
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Health - Sensing Trends and Disruptions Impacting the Health Workforce
We're assembling an online advisory panel to explore the workforce disruptions impacting the healthcare, life sciences, and wellness industries. Specifically, we'll discuss the technological, social, economic, demographic, environmental, and geopolitical shifts that are shaping the landscape of the healthcare and life sciences workforce and envision what the future holds for the industry.

In this exclusive online panel of 15-20 experts, you'll have the opportunity to learn collaboratively and advance innovation in this field. All engagement is online and at your convenience.
The Future of Patient Engagement in a Digital World
As more and more industries go through digital transformations, we are looking to explore how the healthcare and patient experience are evolving specifically from payer and patient interactions. We want to discuss the challenges leaders are currently facing and envision the solutions of the future to meet existing and emerging needs.
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Accelerating and Optimizing the Pharma Product Life Cycle
As pharmaceutical leaders look to ensure their portfolios stay up-to-date with medical advances and regulatory changes, we want to find ways to more easily create ways to optimize product life cycles and drive growth.
The Evolving Role of the Chief Data Officers and Data Leaders
As Chief Data Officers (CDO) and other data leaders have become more integral for driving enterprise growth, we are looking to create a playbook for leaders that outlines key factors for success, how to address the biggest challenges and needs, and outline best practices in developing and implementing data strategies to improve ROI and value for their organizations.
Advanced Treatment Options for Patients with Drug Resistant Epilepsy
In a recent study, it was determined that there are over 1 million people with epilepsy in the US. Only 20% of those are referred to advanced treatments and only 5% of those are being treated. We are assembling a panel of experts to discuss innovative treatment options to better diagnose and treat patients to improve patient outcomes are ensure we are developing new ways to close existing the treatment gap.
The Future of Product Marketing in the Medical and Healthcare Space
As health and wellness became more of a focus in the market, the demand for healthcare products has evolved. We want to better understand the challenges facing product marketers in the med device, healthcare, and pharma space. We want to explore how their role is evolving and how they are able to continually create products and solutions to meet the market needs.
Product Market Fit for a Shifting Marketplace
As 80% of companies struggle to gain product market fit, we want to explore how product marketers from best-in-class companies are staying ahead of the market to meet customer demand.
The Future of Healthcare in Urban US: Improving Patient Outcomes Through Better Patient Experiences
With so many healthcare systems having been pressured to innovate on the fly, rethink processes and capabilities, and there is a real opportunity to innovate. This panel will explore how the patient journey can be improved to make a real impact on patient success. We are eager to explore how process, culture, and technology can be employed. The goal is to bring innovative people together to reinvent what's possible and identify unique opportunities to enhance the overall hospital experience. In this engagement, we will lead a discussion to create a vision for the optimal patient and health care practitioner experience for the health system of today and decades into the future; and one that appeals as powerfully to its disadvantaged communities.

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