Will the US Women's World Cup win lead to equal pay?


Will it also lead to equal pay in other industries as well? How and why (not)?

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Philip Tuet
31 months ago

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I believe wages will deservedly increase for women playing on the national team. However, I don’t see much changing for women playing professional soccer at the club level (yet). Professional soccer is a business and the revenues generated are not where they need to be. However, the NWSL is performing much better than the defunct WPS. ESPN recently committed to airing 14 league matches and Budweiser signed on as the official beer sponsor. The NWSL needs more support like this, as well as more fans attending games and supporting their teams. I hope to see it. What the US Women’s team have done in World Cups and their influence on the sport worldwide should be commended.

Vic Clesceri
31 months ago
Vic Clesceri Agreed on the commendation. Hopefully, what everyone saw in this World Cup will be compelling enough for them to tune in for more. - Philip 31 months ago

I don't believe it will happen due to the team's success, It might happen over a long period of time due to continued efforts and transparency.

Lea Sims
31 months ago
It could happen in some countries. E.g. in the US the female team is much better (they won 4 World Cup), the male one zero. Difficult to have this happening in Brazil and Italy. - Paolo 31 months ago

Not at all. However finally the visibility of the female soccer improved and attracts more sponsors now. For an equal pay is still a long way to go (as in other sports)

Paolo Beffagnotti
31 months ago
What do you think needs to happen to move closer to equal pay? - Philip 31 months ago
Already great results this year. The sales of the female jerseys ramped up. From 2016 to 2018, women’s games generated roughly $50.8M in revenue, compared with $49M for men’s games in the US - Paolo 31 months ago

just like the #metoo movement has not made sexual harassment at work disappear, the suit by the American women's soccer team will not create equal pay for all. It will help raise the issue though and some strides will be made.

Ellen Raim
31 months ago
a very interesting review on the potential of women's football sponsorship is available at - Paolo 31 months ago

I believe it will mean equal pay for Women Soccer soon. I don't think that it will accelerate equal pay for all industries. However, I do believe it has had a positive impact across industries. I think the US Women Soccer team has inspired many to take a stance for pay equity. I hope the momentum continues.

Texanna Reeves
31 months ago

Only if the men take a pay cut!

David Cottrell
31 months ago
I hope it is not necessary for men to take a pay cut but for women to be receive equal pay which means they are paid according to their skills and abilities. In soccer since they have been outperforming the men's team they should be paid more! - Texanna 31 months ago
Texanna Reeves I fully agree but salaries in the men's game have reached obscene levels. Even a 'squad' player in the English Premier League can earn over £50k/week. - David 31 months ago
David Cottrell talking about the US team, yes indeed the female players should gain more money - Paolo 31 months ago
England has a team as well! Did well to reach the semi finals - David 31 months ago
Right, or Italy. We did even not qualify the the last world cup. Male and female teams can be so different in the same country. However, in any case the male players get more money and attract more ads. - Paolo 31 months ago

That is a noble goal to have but we are far away from its achievement. Lookt at Fortune 500 companies, who runs the show and for so long and in this age of openness, technology, education, and opportunities.

Bo Chen
30 months ago

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