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Whats the most interesting or difficult question in a job interview?

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Khalid Raza
32 months ago

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Me personally during an interview I like to see how people think out of the box. One of the questions I find interés is: “How do you see the future of the HR (role you are interviewed for)?”

Daniela Girniceanu
32 months ago
that's a good one Daniela Girniceanu. Any tips on how do you assess the response? Some may be very aspirational, while others may appear hands-on. - Khalid 32 months ago

"What's your biggest weakness?"

You would be surprised how many people answer "Laziness"!

Not what a prospective employer wants to hear.

David Cottrell
32 months ago
I ask a related question - Has your weakness resulted in any impact on your life? What is it? - Khalid 32 months ago
Khalid Raza The supplementary question! Is see your strategy. Ask an easy opening question and then hit them with the 'biggie'. As this is an interview, I have no weaknesses (apart from arrogance!) - David 32 months ago
ha ha... lol - Khalid 32 months ago

Why do you want to leave your current job? This can be quite challenging, you can say that you are looking for new experiences but in general be careful not to blame your current company and team.

Paolo Beffagnotti
32 months ago
Interesting one - Khalid 32 months ago

"What did you like the most of about this job and which things you are least interested in "

Hitesh Mathpal
32 months ago

What is your biggest failure in life? This question is scary and nervous cracking

Adrian Minh
32 months ago

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