"Bring your Dog to Work"-Policy


Studies conclude that pets help to relieve stress,, promote positive mood and even can improve physical health. This supports the home-office, but also office may become bet-friendly. Anyone has experience with a "Bring your Dog to Work"-Policy?

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Patrick Henz
22 months ago

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Bring your Dog to Work"-Policy is a new idea since pets can bring joy and companion to the owner as well as the owner's colleague. I agreed and support your idea only if the pets must:
a) Owned a house in the office
b) Obtained vaccinations including DDTP and Rabies
c) Parasite-free
d) Obedient
e) Good hygiene

Adrian Minh
21 months ago
Adrian Minh thanks for the comments, important points! - Patrick 21 months ago
True enough! Dogs are great companions and as mentioned, care must be given to mantain strict regulations that will not causes chaos in the office! - Lawrence 21 months ago

Bring one's dog to works actually does helps to improve the job environment! Who does not like dogs to play with? Imagine the feeling when you are back at your home and you are greeted by your lovely dog wagging his tail! Imagine if we could bring such atmosphere to the work environment! would't it helps to boost the work environment, decrease stress and filled the room with happiness?

However, not all working environment are suitable to bring along one's dog. For instance if one is working in the hospital such as the ER department, surgical theater, etc. Such working environment might jeopardize both the dog and the people who are in that setting.

It is great to have pets around at work. But, one must be cultural sensitive too. Certain religion such as Muslims might have some issue with dogs. Hence, it is prudence to be cultural aware of such issue by asking permission prior to launch the idea of bringing one's dog to work!

Lawrence Loy
21 months ago
Lawrence Loy , thanks, very good points to consider for such a policy. - Patrick 21 months ago
Yes, it is not applicable in Muslim country such as Brunei and Malaysia. - Adrian 21 months ago
Adrian Minh , agreed! - Patrick 21 months ago

Not in my own work environment, but at a workplace I used to visit frequently. It was nice but sometimes it became too much (and I really like dogs!).
I am sure that not everyone likes this, for their own reasons - and I suspect that on the whole, this can significantly dampen the benefits.

Thanos Kosmidis
21 months ago
Thanos Kosmidis , good point! Such a policy would require a process to ensure that only one (for example) dog is in the office each day. So interested employees have to enter themselves into a list. - Patrick 21 months ago

I've worked at places where I suspect the dogs could do a better job than some of the employees.

David Cottrell
21 months ago
The sad truth is, I would agree to that... - Patrick 21 months ago
Ha .. yes. Indeed. - Maya 21 months ago

Why not. Well mannered pets are always welcome and joy :)

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
21 months ago
I agree, but nevertheless you have colleagues which do not like dogs or even are afraid of them. - Patrick 21 months ago

Bring your dog, waitch for it - no issues. Dogs are always nice.

Hitesh Mathpal
21 months ago
Well trained dogs are good. They don't create trouble in workplace. - Maya 21 months ago
I agree with you, but there are details as not everybody likes dogs, even some colleagues may be afraid. Also you may want to regulate it, so that you do not have 10 dogs at the office, but one a day. - Patrick 21 months ago
Agree Patrick. 10 dogs in workplace kind of thing is crazy. The polciy is certainly not this. - Maya 21 months ago
One dog at a time - not bad. - Charu 21 months ago
Agreed. :) - Patrick 21 months ago

Dogs in work can reduce the work related stress,improve moral and job satisfaction as well.But before that you should make sure with your activity you should harm any other employee's privacy and hygienic level. Some rule suggestions for organisations who are allowing pets to their work station.

  1. Make sure there will be a separate area for dogs to stay and have food.
  2. Limit the no of pets visit per day.
  3. Create a pet committee to ensure safety and care of dogs with their respective owners.
  4. If your pet is sick,you should take care at home.
  5. Pet must be supervised by their owners (by cctv or physical).
  6. Teach your dog to behave well with other animals as well.
  7. They shouldn't bother the employees who do n't like dogs.

Thanks in advance for your comments.
Please comment down below for any thoughts and suggestions.

Fact DNA
21 months ago
Fact DNA , thanks, this looks like a complete list! - Patrick 21 months ago

In shared workspaces (startup incubator or co-working) dogs seem to increase engagement among people for unexpected reasons. Fosters a more friendly culture, less self centered in general

Michael Franken
21 months ago

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