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Did music harms Health?

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Er. P.Das C
35 months ago

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If you play music that appeals to you, it will definitely have a positive effect on your body. Soothing music will calm it down, dance music (if that is your thing) will energise you. And even the lyrics may help lift you up!

It's usually other people's music that may have negative effects on you...

Bart Groenewoud
35 months ago
Agree - RUPAK 35 months ago
Thanks RUPAK RAY - Bart 35 months ago
Agree - very subjective - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
Absolutely subjective - one man's punk noise is another's sauna music. - Bart 35 months ago

Music can carry valuable cultural and societal messages and as a way of storytelling can enable individuals or cultural groups to create and develop normative understandings. Not without a level of subjectivity in relation to topics and themes, the blend of music and lyric offers transmission of perspective and ideology; for example, a hymn to a grime rap. As always our "likes" and "dislikes" often based upon our version of a world view blurs from active listening and can in some instances work towards cultural judgement and lack of tolerance. This impacting on health and wellbeing.

Music is often portrayed to be about connection or derive lack of connect, think punk to secure connection and anti-connection to structural forces. (prior to commercialisation!) Learning to understand the nuance of musical output, can support health and wellbeing, a wider view on social categories through understanding can be culturally healthy supporting individual wellbeing.
Music as a form of communication can provide stability and awareness of connected situational ideologies. I agree that one person's punk is another person's sauna music, it is however mood focused for many, within the classical realm, there are lighter and heavier pieces that work towards fuelling mood. This can be said of any genre and the navigation between generations and wider community wellbeing sustains the value of creating understanding as oppose to limited views on social categories of people and in particular young people.
My point here is about listening or an active choice to not listen based upon the idea of social connections that can raise or lower health and wellbeing personalities.

Steve Walker
35 months ago

Music listening has good and positive effect in case of everyone it also reason to have stress free good health.

Er. Jangyadutta D
35 months ago
Hearig = yes to too loud music at very high decibels - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
Er. Jangyadutta Das,CEO,Consultant,Researcher, true...even doctors also prescribing the same.. - Er. 35 months ago
Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA it is also true... sometimes it happened. - Er. 35 months ago
yes - Er. P.Das 35 months ago
THINK: Rock Music Bands - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
Brass bands and dj using in marriage functions too are dangerous for our ears. Need to careful on that Specially for kids. - Er. 35 months ago
OK - nothing new - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
Some music are not liking to every person also, some do not want to listen music. - Er. Jangyadutta 35 months ago
Agreed - Dr. David E. 35 months ago

Music ,the word itself is a feelings which drags our heart beyond us. Two types of music are there .The music which is playing accordingly to your mind ,heart, situation, environment is called as "Pleasant Music".
The music which pains a lot and not fit to our mind and heart is called as "Unpleasant Music".
Even in mythology ,it is mentioned that" Music is good for a musician."

Er. B
35 months ago
Well Said. thats true. - Er. P.Das 35 months ago
great explanation - Jagyanseni 35 months ago
Great explanations about music... - Jagyanseni 35 months ago
Er. P.Das Civil Construction Engineer. thanks for your comment. - Er. 35 months ago
Jagyanseni .s thanks - Er. 35 months ago
Nice - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
Thanks a lot - Er. 35 months ago
U R welcomed - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
Different types music which gives different pleasure in different places in different time to different persons as per their choice. But all do not listen music. - Er. Jangyadutta 35 months ago
Of course - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
Definitely music has some strings though which we can bring happiness in our life - Er. 35 months ago
Agreed - Dr. David E. 35 months ago

According to me,music don't have that much negative impact on health.Generally in simple words it gives pleasure while listening music.we get interest in doing our work with playing music.
Yes loud music and frequently using earphones and headphones for listening music can harm our health.

35 months ago
some musics are also bad for kidney and heart. - Jagyanseni 35 months ago
Headphones are more dangerous weapon to affect our ear .So don't use loud music . - Er. 35 months ago
Agree - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
Do you listen to music while you work? Well maybe you should stop - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
It could significantly hamper your ability to perform creative tasks - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA agreed but some creative ideas coming with a cup of coffee and beautiful song. - Er. 35 months ago
Of course - many thanks - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
It is right i agree. - Er. Jangyadutta 35 months ago
No, I am not agree with you Dr. David . listening to music can improve your efficiency, creativity and happiness in terms of work-related tasks - Er. P.Das 35 months ago
Try HARD ROCK or PUNK MUSIC! - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
Some musics are painful not all musics.. - Er. 35 months ago
Agreed, as well - Dr. David E. 35 months ago

Music doesn't harm - noise does.
There is no evidence in the world that musician die because of a lot of music. Yes, if you listen a full volume rock that may impact on your ear and other nervous system. Again, this is not music, but the high volume. Same goes with your headphone.

Hitesh Mathpal
35 months ago
NOPE = One man's music is another man's noise - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
NOPE = One man's noise is another man's music - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
Sometimes what happen like someone is enjoying his birthday /marriage with music.which is very bad for students and also for newly born babies. - Er. 35 months ago
Er. Biswajit Some places music listening is the best therapy to overcome some big deases.Music lovers are every where who worship music like anything. - Jagyanseni 35 months ago
Sure - music therapy - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
Create sound pollution for those who are not like music.. - Er. Jangyadutta 35 months ago
HA - Good point - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
True. - Er. P.Das 35 months ago
Agree - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
Yeah true.. - RUPAK 35 months ago
DITTO - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
Chuck Nyren
35 months ago
Thank you - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
Music of a particular type may be heard in particular function or occasion but not always which is practice.. - Er. Jangyadutta 35 months ago
thank you for the information. - Er. P.Das 35 months ago
Agreed - with thanks - Dr. David E. 35 months ago

Music has effect on human body. Just think about this, it is forbidden to run competition with headphones for security reason but even as music is considered as a type of performance enhancong drug. It increase the efficiency of the activities and hide fatigue.

Paolo Beffagnotti
35 months ago

If you consider music on a continuum from less ordered to more ordered you can assess its impact on mind and body accordingly. Some examples of highly ordered music would be classical up until the 20th century, most traditional jazz, most folk, traditional and roots type music. Volume and environment are factors too but I believe the source material is the main thing. The more ordered the music the greater its impact on one's nervous system and subsequently the physical body. There have been many studies and published papers on the topic of music and health.

Anthony J
35 months ago

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