Bart Groenewoud

Bart Groenewoud

Consulting, Learning & Development, Workshop Facilitation at Simple & Basic

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Experienced IT consultant and trainer. International experience as IT architect and project manager, trainer and workshop facilitator.I enjoy the dynamics of international working environments. It motivates me to join cultures and viewpoints together in dynamic events with full participant interaction. As an IT professional my background is in Enterprise Architecture, particularly application or services integration. Over the last few years I have also moved towards the role of a Project Manager who combines in depth IT knowledge with traditional project management tasks. As a facilitator I have specialised in delivering projects and courses on consulting skills to increase personal and team effectiveness.As a workshop and training facilitator I worked for clients, such as Capgemini Group and Capgemini University, ING and Rabobank International and ITpreneurs and the Cloud Credential Council on international projects where concrete results had to be achieved in short time frames.
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Finance - Sensing Trends and Disruptions Impacting the Finance Services Workforce
This collective is made up of experts highly relevant and passionate about the future of consulting. Members on Currnt work as a team, and at their convenience, to produce the best insights, thus driving more members, more viewership, and more reward points. Once added to the virtual team, you will be able to vet and validate the best thinking through voting and discussion, as you receive recognition and votes for your ideas. Once recognized for your input, you will be able to add new members to the collective - points convert to cash or a donation of your choice.

As new trends and disruptions impact the financial services workforce, we'll discuss the technological, social, economic, demographic, environmental, and geopolitical shifts that are shaping the future workforce landscape within the financial services sector – including Banking, Wealth Management, Consumer Finance, FinTech, Investment Banking, and Insurance.
Technology - Sensing Trends and Disruptions Impacting the Technology Workforce
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Consumer Tech Innovation
This Currnt is a curation of best tactics and strategies for innovation in product development applying a portfolio mindset vs. death by feature to prime a pipeline for faster, more profitable development.

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The Always-On Learning Culture: Keeping Pace with Future of Work Demand
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Product Leadership for B2B Tech
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The Future of Marketing Data and Privacy
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The Future of Healthcare in Urban US: Improving Patient Outcomes Through Better Patient Experiences
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Modernizing the Use of Commercial Buildings
As we come out of the pandemic, the way commercial buildings are designed and will be used will shift. In this panel, we will explore how buildings need to be modernized to address new safety protocols and address the way people interact with buildings change in high traffic areas such as elevators and escalators.
Fortifying Digital Security In The Age Of Digital Transformation
As we move into the digital era, traditional identifications such as passports, employee IDs, and government IDs are evolving. We are looking to explore what secure identity solutions are needed, understand who would benefit the most from leveraging existing physical credentials with a focus on digital credentialing.
The Changing Dynamics of the Startup Environment
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DEI to Drive Innovation
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