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What steps should I take to begin building a high-profile personal brand? My goal in doing so is to generate speaking engagements, consulting opportunities and entrepreneurial/partnership options.

At present, my industry profile is relatively low, but I do have some assets I can leverage:

  • I am very well-connected in my field (health IT)
  • I have extensive experience in digital marketing and content development.
  • I am widely published and my writing has appeared in many high-value venues

I'd be grateful for any next steps you could suggest. I am quite capable of executing on a plan but seem to be too close to the problem to create a solid plan on my own.

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Anne Zieger
44 months ago

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Interesting and actual theme. Which is your brand? How do you see it? And others? Make it visual. Determine your unique value proposition, you mentioned an extensive experience in your area. Clarify your goals and the target, set priorities. Create an offline (promote your brand in person) and online (e.g. blog, website, Linkedin) network. Again you mentioned to be very well connected.

Paolo Beffagnotti
43 months ago
Agree - Dr. David E. 43 months ago
Paolo Beffagnotti, thanks so much for the questions and suggestions. Much to consider. I will be adding the questions to a worksheet I'm building. - Anne 43 months ago

Anne Zieger:

Are you looking to reinvent?
I ask because there are several retrospective and input seeking exercises that can help you find what is unique about you including what to do to implement your new or refreshed brand.
Reinvention doesn't necessarily mean doing something completely different.
Exercises such as a reflection of key strengths/talents, finding the connections outside your current career path that can creatively enhance your direction, look @ past vs today, etc.
Have you considered a reinvention coach? I've gone through the process for the same reason: too close to myself. I found it quite helpful. I'm still implementing what I learned.

Vera Rulon
43 months ago
OH! - Dr. David E. 43 months ago
Vera_Rulon, thank you so much for your comments and questions. I'm not sure if I'm looking to "reinvent," exactly, but I do want to reevaluate how to make the highest use of my skillls I also want to address any gaps in my qualifications (e.g. whether, certifications , an MBA be the best way to up my credibility in my niche).. What would reinvention coaching cost? - Anne 43 months ago
Get an MBA - not MSA or MSHA - Dr. David E. 43 months ago
MBA does seem best. I'd love to have some hands-on health IT experience, but alas, I'm likely to remain just a professional observer as i doubt I could handle even undergrad compsci courses. - Anne 43 months ago
Good luck - Dr. David E. 43 months ago
Hi Anne Zieger! Your question re: cost of reinvention coaching - it depends on whether you do personalized, one-on-one coaching (more expensive) or virtual group coaching. The person I worked with is coming up with new ways of doing this so it is becoming more and more cost effective. - Vera 43 months ago

Many state public college and universities offer credit and non credit courses to mid-career folks; for free.

The exceptions are usually for licensed professions like medicine, law, nursing, accounting, and engineering; etc. Degrees may even be obtained. Some restrictions may apply.

Check it out.

Dr. David E. M
43 months ago
I've been looking into free college courses to give me a kickstart. A sur prising number of Ivy League colleges, including Harvard, offer some of the courses I want to take. - Anne 43 months ago
Nothing new here. Go for it! - Dr. David E. 43 months ago

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