How can people prepare for the rise of the global talent market?


We have already seen the effects of globalization. Talent will no longer be fulfilled locally. With technology providing high levels connectivity and business no longer seeing boundaries work will become significantly distributed and virtual in nature. Organizations will utilize new talent pools brought to us by the gig economy and they will depend on efficient collaboration and communication tools to complete work and manager projects.

What will workers need to do to be marketable in that space and environment?

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Brad Federman
17 months ago

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Worker needs to have a space, where his complete profile, professional details, human attitude characteristics, including independent assessment details, to be universally available to employer company . In this case role of HR , job sites as intermediary will diminish, or even disappear. We shall understand, this only can happen, if government role in visas, or free movement will disappear, as currently it's only limiting free job market.

Andrey Zolotavin
17 months ago

You have to be prepared to market yourself like a company. You'll need:

- the right skill set(s)
- to find the right channels for marketing yourself, like LinkedIn and any other that may be specific to the domain or geography you're aiming for
- to develop content appropriate for the channels you're using and the audience you're targeting
- to develop or refresh relationships with outsourcing vendors that may be able to place you on assignments
- to be familiar with common collaboration tools
- to consider dusting off any foreign language skills you might have
- to understand who your competitors are and how they compare to you
- to identify the skills you will need to add and create a plan for how you will learn them
- to price your services appropriately
- to consider incorporation
- to be prepared to protect and defend any intellectual property you might be bringing to the table

Howard W
17 months ago

To prepare for globalization you need to:
1) make sure you are visible to others looking for talent
2) That your skills are properly presented
3) You need to make sure that your profile stands out. This can be done through the use of the correct search words (and this depends on the specific industry you are competing for), updated profile and experience
4) You need to have the right connections. Networking means a lot. It is not an empty word.
5) Be up-to-date on everything that happens in your industry and your profession
6) Join professional networks

Joel Jeselsohn
17 months ago

Thomas Friedman is his book The World is Flat provides examples of how you become more marketable in the new gig economy. As you enter into the job market, you need to have two jobs, a 9-5 job and side job that might be a back up to the 9-5. The back up job for me has been consulting - energy and auditing areas and account reconciliation work for retail power concern. Sales and any other person to person skill will not be replaced by automation. The back office work will be automated to some degree. The ultimate version of automation is block chain. It seems that coding and cyber work will be keep to secure this automation. If you can learn to code, you should. Coding can be done for anywhere with right security platform.

Germán Ibáñez MBA [LION]
17 months ago
Thank you for your response. I think you make some good points. What about the increased competition you will face across the globe? - Brad 17 months ago

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