Health and Safety at Old age Home


In what way could we provide good health and safety to ageing people at Old age home?

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Abhishek Raj
36 months ago

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There are many factors in supporting health and safety in senior living communities as Linda mentioned. However, there are recurring patterns. First, fall prevention and injury are important in the promotion of health and safety. This priority can be used as a gateway to discuss the benefits of exercise, medication management, and personal awareness. Next, inclusion is important for residents. Consider adopting a buddy program to connect residents and decrease social isolation. Lastly, understand their are different segment in this population. The elderly who no longer want to maintain a home, vs those who have cognitive impairment or limited mobility.

Judi Bonilla
36 months ago
Thanks for your answer Judi. What steps could be taken for prevention and injury in the promotion of health and safety to elderly? - Abhishek 36 months ago
There are multiple steps that can be taken. First is an evaluation done of the elderly person's living arrangements by an occupational therapist to determine what types of accommodations may need to be made. For instance, guard rails on the bed to aid getting in and out without fall or injury or strain. Another may be an elevated toilet seat. You get the idea. - Michael 36 months ago
Thanks Michael for the good points. - Abhishek 36 months ago
Too many grunt workers are not criminally screened - Dr. David E. 24 months ago
Old age home is aplce if all facilities as stated above shall be available and proper care given life of old person will be suitable. - Er. Jangyadutta 24 months ago
OK - insightful - Dr. David E. 24 months ago

That was a broad question. I guess most Western countries have struggled with this question for decades. Perhaps other cultures may solve this better, by including informal carers. It is clear that there is not enought pulic resources to take care of the aging population. Part of the solution can be the willingness of older people themselves to buy assistance from private companies, both personal services and health tecnoholgy like smart housing and gps tracking.

Linda Rykkje
36 months ago
Thanks for your answer Linda. What are the other factors that are important you think? - Abhishek 36 months ago
The most important is to ask older people themselves what are their needs and wishes? A good life is not only being many years of age, it is more about living your life as good as possible. I think it is often that authority/health care workers are asked what to do, and thus sets the goals for others. We need to listen more and ask about the opinion of those receiving our care. - Linda 36 months ago
That's true because ultimately it's the person who needs the services and they must be able to answer it well. However, how can we make changes and what safety measures can we provide them in general? - Abhishek 36 months ago
Private OR Pubic: The grunt workers are all the same - Dr. David E. 24 months ago
In spite of complete smart facilities it is not willingly preferred by aged to stay in age care centre rather due no need. - Er. Jangyadutta 24 months ago
What up? - Dr. David E. 24 months ago

I recently saw something that suggested that college students/young adults "team up" with the older generation. Why not create an environment where they both can be safe. I loved the idea of young adults staying with elderly- providing companionship, help with cooking, grocery shopping, etc. and in return, the young adults pay very little for room/board. This seems like an excellent way to provide emotional health and promote safety. It would be challenging to implement, but it almost seems like a total overhaul of the system needs to be done. There are too many people in nursing home facilities that are neglected, depressed, and even abused.

Shelby Nation
36 months ago
That sounds like a terrific idea, Shelby. - Michael 36 months ago
I appreciate your idea Shelby. This sounds to be something really very good and also the aging people would be safe to stay with young adults along with getting a companion which will make them feel better. - Abhishek 36 months ago
Good idea - like aging in place - Dr. David E. 24 months ago
It is very interesting if a family life atmosphere will be created then old sge life at care centres will be pleasurable. - Er. Jangyadutta 24 months ago
Any examples? - Dr. David E. 24 months ago

Think beyond the house itself as well, to create an environment that gives purpose to life. Create a balance between the interior of the house, the exterior of it and the environment as a single ecosystem to be in balance. Inside the house: living, resting, personal attentions. Outside the house (e.g. garden, balcony) - relaxation, activities. Environment of the house: shared services to cater to social needs like shopping, personal care etc.

Bart Groenewoud
36 months ago
Thanks for good points Bart. - Abhishek 36 months ago
Special attention to every resident is required in care centre. - Er. Jangyadutta 24 months ago
PERFECT - all from a minimal wage grunt - Dr. David E. 24 months ago

Providing good health and safety to ageing people at Old age home. The following are some ways:

  1. Keeping them happy.
  2. Making them spiritually engaged.
Susarla Sastry, PhD
36 months ago
Thanks for your answer Susarla. How to keep them happy? - Abhishek 36 months ago
Agreed - a meaningless answer - Dr. David E. 24 months ago
Proper care taking in care centre will make happy life of aged. - Er. Jangyadutta 24 months ago
OMG -PERFECT - Dr. David E. 24 months ago

Beyond an occupational therapist making recommendations to outfit the living quarters with accommodations to help the resident (walk in shower and or bath, bed rails, elevated toilet seat), other considerations can be a pendant style aid button to request help when needed, appropriate conveyance (walker, scooter) and even ensuring that the resident's own clothing does not create potential for tripping and falling.

Michael Fruhling
36 months ago
You have given some really good suggestions Michael. Thanks for your answer. - Abhishek 36 months ago
Actually - nothing new here - Dr. David E. 24 months ago
Actually required minimum facilities mest be provided for good living of inhabitants otherwise life of aged will be complicated. - Er. Jangyadutta 24 months ago
BREAKTHRU! - Dr. David E. 24 months ago

Providing health and safety for residents in long term care requires appropriate staffing. If the facility is staffed correctly the residents will remain safe. This is the problem that we face in healthcare, staffing. The aging baby boomers are stressing the system and we need ways to attract and recruit individuals to work in the field. Injuries and falls that occur many times can be tied to the inability to meet required staffing patterns. New innovative technology and ideas will need to be funded. We need assistive technology like robots and better lifting mechanisms to help with the staffing shortage being experienced in healthcare.

Lisa Buchanan
36 months ago
Agree with your ideas Lisa. Thanks. - Abhishek 36 months ago
Staffing is typically a sham - Dr. David E. 24 months ago
Train staff nurse doctors cleaning staff required. - Er. Jangyadutta 24 months ago
Doctors and Nurses are NOT cleaning staff. - Dr. David E. 24 months ago
All like nurse, doctors and cleaning staff are to be trained to extra care for aged people at age care center for their better living. - Er. Jangyadutta 24 months ago
U train animals - Dr. David E. 24 months ago
Exta care - costly - Dr. David E. 24 months ago

In age care center if Digital health care and online health care services facility shall be provided it will be cost effective and unlimited doctor consultations through Web or Mobile App may be available to obtain facilities as per need to consult with doctors, monitor to  manage  health records of inhabitants of center to get benefits of consulting in a choice of  preferred by  getting medicines delivered at  doorstep which is easy access to diagnostics and it will help with ensured better care.

Er. Jangyadutta D
24 months ago
Who pays? - Dr. David E. 24 months ago
Who pays and is responsible for unlimited doctor consultations through Web or Mobile App ? - Dr. David E. 24 months ago
choice = costly - Dr. David E. 24 months ago

More natural product, exercice (yoga), new experiences and visits from school kids with programs that make them interact with old people!.

María F Lara
36 months ago
Thanks Maria. You have given some good points. Anything you would like to recommend about safety of those old people? - Abhishek 36 months ago
Make them usefull, that would make them confidents and they will be safer. Make them feel like they are in family and at their own home. - María F 36 months ago
Even normal person staying in a family and at home are not safe. So how can we guarantee that these old people will be safe at old age home we we provide them homely atmosphere? - Abhishek 36 months ago
Exacly!, old people is like having a baby, you can use all kind of safe staff around your home, but they will be still surrounded by danger things. The differences maybe is that old people can understand (some), so, maybe an AI device can predict a danger and advertise someone (the old person itself or an adult in charge). I asume that they live in houses prepared for old people (walk in shower,.. - María F 36 months ago
Thanks for your answer Maria. - Abhishek 36 months ago
"Old People = such a disrespectful term. You lost any remaining micro spec of credability - Dr. David E. 24 months ago
sorry if I did not use the correct term, my english is not allways perfect! maybe aging people sounds more respectful? - María F 24 months ago
No problem - best wishes - Dr. David E. 24 months ago
Yes I agree with term respectful as they have to be given appropriate support and assistance as they had given to others when others were at need of help and assistance. - Er. Jangyadutta 24 months ago
Many thanks - Dr. David E. 24 months ago

This may be a rather critical answer, however, I have looked at your profile and I am unsure why you are asking this? Is this a home you plan to open and you are looking for cheap advice to save investing in good Health and Safety training and consultancy? Or are you actually researching this and seeking guidance for a proposal or, seeking an analysis of discourse from the responses. Either way, your question to too broad to be of any use. Moreover, the language you use seems to define people by its very preposition: 'old age home'. Health and Safety is nothing to do with age; everyone deserves the right to be cared for and live in a healthy way, feeling safe and protected where they call home.

Maybe you would do the forum the honour of taking the time to develop a more congruent question and offer a rationale for asking it. Otherwise, it appears that you are incapable of asking google a question.

James Pearson-Jenkins
36 months ago
Thank you - Dr. David E. 24 months ago
Thanks this is a very perfect reply it seems you have realized thing practcally. In actual care is needed every where and in every home for every person to live in happy life and good health. It should be responsibility of all to take care of these descriptions so that all will be in good living. - Er. Jangyadutta 24 months ago
Im a doctor, dude. So, thanks - Dr. David E. 24 months ago

Dear James,

I appreciate your views on this. Let me clarify that in most part of Asian countries, the place for aging people is mentioned as Old age home. In country like India, you will find many such places which are named as Old age home. And as you rightly said that health and safety has nothing to do with age as everyone deserves that right to be healthy and safe. However, my understanding is that different age groups require different kind of health and safety measures. For example infants and children requires special attention most of the time and you can not leave them alone. Similarly, teenagers, adults and aging people require health and safety precautions in a different manner. This may vary depending on the gender as well. Female and male safety will vary depending on different geographical regions. Again, if they have some kind of disease for example asthma or epilepsy, then health and safety will vary for them. Hence, I would like to know about the health and safety of aging people in different geographical region. On this platform, there are experts from all over the country and they will be able to advise better with their practical experiences rather than google. If everything could be google then nobody would be here I guess. Hope my points are clear now. Thanks.


Abhishek Raj
36 months ago
OLD AGE HOME = what a slur! - Dr. David E. 24 months ago
Yes it is clear that in old age home the aged persons who are in need of special care in all respect for better health, good food,adequate exercise as per requirement shall be provided. - Er. Jangyadutta 24 months ago
Again = "Old age home" what a disrespectful slur! - Dr. David E. 24 months ago


Physicians need immediate access to know which meds are covered under a health plan, convenient, and be able to make the right decision at the point of care.

Plans and PBMs should not be able to renegotiate and make a drug unavailable without some require transition period to change and adjust meds. The extra time and resources required to constantly change meds based on contracting, and not medical criteria is almost criminal. The time and costs are driving PCPs out of business, it is keeping nurses and physicians from providing true medical care, it adds disruption and financial fear to patients that interferes with their ability to take care of themselves.

The truth is the prior authorization process is not really about saving costs/quality as it is about manipulating care to increase profit by the insurance companies.

Any thoughts?

Dr. David E. M
24 months ago
It is necessary for benefit user to take care about not to be manipulated by medical department,physician, nurse or insurance company and to avail good services. - Er. Jangyadutta 24 months ago
Ve careful about criticing doctors - you are mixing metaphors, here - Dr. David E. 24 months ago

Have some input?