Digital, IoT are the terms floating around every where, how familiar are consumers with these terms


In the coming days digital and IoT will completely occupy our life and will help us meeting our day-to-day needs.

How familiar are the general consumers with the meanings of these terminologies? Is there any statistical data exists on the same?

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Samares B
50 months ago

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I think it also depends on which section of consumer you are talking about and that too in which geographic location. For example, a general consumer in the USA will be different than a general consumer in Nigeria. 
Having said that let's say if we assume that we are talking about global audience from 16 to 56 years of age those who use ( or familiar ) with the internet. I think they know a little bit about digital. Since digital payment, digital campaigns, digital this or that are in the news all the time. But for specific terms like IoT, I don't think there is the good audience who know about it. However, the funny thing is they do use IoT in their daily life but they do not realize this. I think IoT is still an academic word. 
Sometimes people do not know the technology or they don't have to. They only care about the product. For example today even an average investor knows about Bitcoin. But still, there is the huge group of audience who doesn't know about Blockchain! 

Hitesh Mathpal
50 months ago
“The greatest enemy of knowledge, is not ignorance, it’s the illusion of knowledge” – Stephen Hawking - Dr. David E. 36 months ago
Agree Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA - Hitesh 35 months ago
I like the blockchain analogy. I met a few who thinks blockchain is bitcoin. - Charu 35 months ago

New generations of consumers, especially Millennials and Generation Y, are very familiar with al these: they simply grow into it!

The other amazing insight is that no matter where they are, geographically or from a socio-economic point of view, they speak the same language, use the same acronyms- the virtual language is pretty consistent across different cultures.

the best way to find data to support this is to look at digital penetration around the world.

There is literature on millennials widely available, which I can dig up for you if helpful.

Giulia Iorio-Ndlovu
50 months ago
Agreed - Dr. David E. 36 months ago
But, if you have to ask the question - you are likely old - Dr. David E. 35 months ago

I don't have any statistical data on this, just my personal experience after 10 years working on digital. As Giulia said, millennials grow into it and they speak the same language but to me their knowledge is limited to some aspects. When switching to more technical digital area I think that consumers' skills are still quite limited (e.g. try to ask anyone about criptocurrency, security or the dark web, I don't think you could get something in most of the cases)

Paolo Beffagnotti
50 months ago
I agree with you. This has been limited to a specific set of people. As IoT will dominate people life, this requires building awareness to larger audience! - Samares 50 months ago
I found this study about IoT popularity, This was released by Gartner Inc. on November 1 during the Cyber Security Awareness Month - Paolo 50 months ago
Thanks Paolo. I will go through it. - Samares 50 months ago
Agree; thanks - Dr. David E. 36 months ago
A person with better knowledge / information/ skills will overestimate the knowledge/ information / skills of another person. - Dr. David E. 36 months ago
Having better information they should not overestimate - Paolo 36 months ago
The Dunning-Kruger Effect = Look it up - Dr. David E. 36 months ago
The DKE is rampant; right here - Dr. David E. 36 months ago

Can I ask why are you asking this question and what is your hypothesis behind it. It is very interesting question you are asking but i wanted to understand where you are going with this question.
please advise,

Parminder Sohal
50 months ago
Awareness to general public is very important because this constitute the core of any societies. Any development in IoT will affect this section of the society. Therefore, building thorough understanding of this subject is very important in current socio-economic conditions. - Samares 50 months ago
this is great to focus form awareness perspective, and this is where the issue is that most people are looking from technology aspect not from consumer side. Today's discuss is more from technology and it need to shift to customer and to do that is through use cases how this technology brings value to customers - Parminder 50 months ago
NOPE: Most folks are just trying to work and pay the bills. - Dr. David E. 36 months ago
DUNNING-KRUGER EFFECT: - Dr. David E. 36 months ago

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