Giulia Iorio-Ndlovu

Giulia Iorio-Ndlovu

Sub-Saharan Africa Senior Insights Director at PepsiCo at PepsiCo

Joined 05/02/2017


Passionate about consumer driven innovation with extensive experience in global and multidisciplinary FMCG environments.
Proven ability to design and implement strategic consumer learning plans and communications and to use in depth consumer understanding to successfully shape and deliver innovation strategies.
Deep understanding of competitive environment, determining the relevant insights and patterns to strategically lead product development programmes.
Motivated by new challenges and demonstrated ability to lead teams through significant change.
Strong team leadership across different geographies (North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa & Middle East, Asia) and across different cultures and ability to inspire and motivate individuals by role modelling the required behaviours and ongoing coaching.
Significant experience in building and exploiting internal and external networks of cross-functional professionals- from academia to advertising agencies- as well as influencing senior management through impactful communication.
Rewarded by achieving the highest standards and outstanding results, life time learning, successful delivery through others.

My career aspiration is to lead a consumer centric organisation to drive differentiating, competitive edge business results.

Specialties: Consumer insights generation; consumer and market research (qualitative, quantitative); sensory evaluation; claims generation and substantiation; new product ideas generation; new product development; talent management; project leadership; risk assessment and management; product and innovation strategy; distant team leadership; strategic influencing.
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Sub-Saharan Africa Senior Insights Director at PepsiCo
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Packaging Trends & Innovations
A curation on the Packaging Industry adjusting and taking advantage of new markets and opportunities to drive innovation. Including from the changes in consumer perception and behavior to the supply chain challenges faced.

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Hydration Solutions for the Aging Population

A clear trend is emerging in "senior tech". While 10,000 adults turn 65 each day and want to age at home, almost all the innovation in the space is designed for and targeted towards institutional care. Consequently, most aging adults and their caregiving ecosystems remain significantly underserved, creating a unique opportunity to build solutions around the many struggling moments faced in the in-home context. The opportunity we'd like to explore is the detection and management of hydration in aging people.

Overall, we are looking for disruptive solutions that solve hard problems in a dignified way in the area of Activities of Daily Living that address some of the biggest threats to being able to age and thrive at home.
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Needs- trends More competition, more startups launching to compete, faster cheaper technology to launch new competitors, consumers expect faster innovation cycles.
Alternatives – solutions – Partnering with Startups to find / funding/ buy new ideas. Using technology to help staff create innovation and share knowledge. Increased pool of freelancers and flexible workers to source ideas. Crowd Coursing to create innovation.
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