What would be the ideal nail polish?


What would be the ideal nail polish? First, we are curious to understand the dream product versus objections to simple current priducts. We are then interested in objections to current priducts after that in some priority.

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Adam Malofsky, PhD
39 months ago

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Ideal nail polish needs to deliver all of the benefits of traditional nail polish and ideally it would:

  • be easy to apply with left or right hand
  • cover only the nail bed, not the cuticle or skin
  • dry immediately so you can go about your business after applying
  • last (no chipping, cracking) at least as long as it takes for nails to be noticeably grown in (2-3 weeks) so you have to re-do because the nails grew, not because the product failed
  • nourish the nail so when polish is removed the nail is healthy with no cracks, splits, or discoloration
  • be easy to remove without the use of harsh chemicals
  • maybe change colors each day to match your outfit without having to re-polish!
Dawn Houghton
39 months ago

An ideal Nail Polish should have the following characteristics:

  • Decorate and protect the nail plates
  • It should adhere to the nail's surface and remove easily when required
  • They should maintain the sparkling particles in suspension while in the bottle
  • It should be viscous but free flowing when agitated
  • It should quickly dry after application
  • It should strengthen nails, restore moisture to the nails and help polish adhere to the nails
  • It should stay on nails for a longer period of time
  • It should be safe to handle and also for nails
Abhishek Raj
39 months ago

Not sure if you still are looking for answers but Essie came out with a “gel” version of nail polishes that are applied similar to regular nail polish but last almost as long as a gel manicure, without the damage to the nails. I think that version is just a few steps away from being the perfect nail polish.

The perfect nail polish will embody the following traits:

  • apply easily with one coat
  • dries fast
  • last for up to two weeks without chipping
  • Won’t damage nails during the application process
  • And as a plus adds nutrients/strength to nails, and are available in a wide range of shades
Juanita S. Carmet
33 months ago

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