Adam Malofsky, PhD


Adam Malofsky, PhD

Elemence - Help, Listen & Learn - $2.5B products sold/yr - $70mm+ raised - Collaborator, Coach, Innovator & Advisor

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Co-Founder, Interim CEO at Farmed Materials, LLC

Managing Director at Elemence

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25 years of needs derived consulting, needs and trends analysis and product development with nearly $3b in annually sold products for our firms and clients. The focus is on tangible products, their materials basis and manufacturing and supply chain methodologies and practices.



Hi, I'm Adam!

My colleagues, our clients and I love doing the impossible - together.

After collaboratively leading the creation and commercialization of a truly profitable, high impact, global materials platform that's also green and clean, I now focuses upon collaborating with awesome people to improve life.

Our work specializes in tangible products where materials, assembly and manufacturing technology innovations can have transformational impact on final products and services and thus society. Our teams specialize in high impact, global scale opportunity identification, evaluation, assessment and, where logical, product, business or venture creation. Our award winning, deep experience spans from the internet of things and computing and electronics to building and construction to medical to automotive to food and consumer products. I especially love innovation theory, practical application and education.

I truly enjoy partaking in identifying white space opportunities and then employing practical, high speed, value oriented innovation and development strategies that frequently allow for the successful commercialization of new technology platforms, not simply evolutionary improvements.

I also founded and was Chief Executive Officer, Chief Innovation Officer Sirrus, Inc., formerly Bioformix, Inc, a venture recently acquired by Nippon Shokubai. Sirrus' energy efficient, advanced manufacturing polymer platform company within a $500 billion overall opportunity. I was also President and Principal of ABM Associates, LLC, a 16 year old materials innovation company responsible for such breakthroughs as Liquid Bandage and Dermabond medical adhesives, D’Addarrio’s musical string technology and the base technology for those fresh cut apples you buy your kid.

I received a BS in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh in 1987 and an MS in 1988 and PhD in January 1991 in Polymer Science from the University of Connecticut.


Co-Founder, Interim CEO

Farmed Materials, LLC

May 2015 - Present

Farmed Materials focuses upon transformative high performance plant derived polymer and chemical platforms, beginning with the Russian dandelion elastomers. Versus other typical big market, long time to approve and support product approaches, FM focuses upon high value, unique applications and the associated partnerships to drive success through asset leveraging. Our success? In less than two years we've industrially grown the two largest crops since World War II when Russia supplied most of it's rubber needs from said dandelion from really Kazakhstan. Our products? Powerful interest for unique products that have nothing to do with tires!

Managing Director


April 2014 - Present

Our initial engagement engagement is always free!

The power of team work, focus and determination! Our client collaborations have created $2.5 billion in new annual revenue!

The result? Rapid, persistent, sustained growth and added capabilities versus ever larger consulting bills.

Product and service creation and application for the benefit of mankind and profitability are our passions. Using the principles of "Adaptive Innovation"​, creating, assessing, evaluating and commercializing materials and assembly innovations that are truly practical and deployable drive that passion. With over $2.5 billion in products sold every year from our careers, you can count upon our rock solid experience partnered with yours to cooperatively grow your business, create your business and transform peoples'​ lives.

Specifically, we can act as advisors, partners, directors or even lead an entire startup effort. We typically charge 1/5th or less of our competition as we are interested in fast, impactful results, not long engagements where dragging it out becomes the objective versus your success.

We have deep materials and assembly technology expertise, including chemicals, polymers, natural products, composites, rubbers and their use in assembling a wide variety of consumer, industrial, food and medical products.

Give us a call! Let's talk a bit. We're sure that after a short while, we'll both be excited to explore what's next!

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