Adam Malofsky, PhD


Adam Malofsky, PhD

Elemence - Help, Listen & Learn - $2.5B products sold/yr - $70mm+ raised - Collaborator, Coach, Innovator & Advisor at Elemence

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Hi, I'm Adam!

My colleagues, our clients and I love doing the impossible - together.

After collaboratively leading the creation and commercialization of a truly profitable, high impact, global materials platform that's also green and clean, I now focuses upon collaborating with awesome people to improve life.

Our work specializes in tangible products where materials, assembly and manufacturing technology innovations can have transformational impact on final products and services and thus society. Our teams specialize in high impact, global scale opportunity identification, evaluation, assessment and, where logical, product, business or venture creation. Our award winning, deep experience spans from the internet of things and computing and electronics to building and construction to medical to automotive to food and consumer products. I especially love innovation theory, practical application and education.

I truly enjoy partaking in identifying white space opportunities and then employing practical, high speed, value oriented innovation and development strategies that frequently allow for the successful commercialization of new technology platforms, not simply evolutionary improvements.

I also founded and was Chief Executive Officer, Chief Innovation Officer Sirrus, Inc., formerly Bioformix, Inc, a venture recently acquired by Nippon Shokubai. Sirrus' energy efficient, advanced manufacturing polymer platform company within a $500 billion overall opportunity. I was also President and Principal of ABM Associates, LLC, a 16 year old materials innovation company responsible for such breakthroughs as Liquid Bandage and Dermabond medical adhesives, D’Addarrio’s musical string technology and the base technology for those fresh cut apples you buy your kid.

I received a BS in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh in 1987 and an MS in 1988 and PhD in January 1991 in Polymer Science from the University of Connecticut.
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Co-Founder, Interim CEO at Farmed Materials, LLC
Managing Director at Elemence
Independent Educator, Lecturer at University Lecturer, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Dad to Two Awesome Children at Brandon & Nicole Malofsky's Dad - WPI & Lehigh
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The Impact of IoT & Digital Transformations on Businesses
As market pressures for digital transformation grow, we want to explore how senior leaders in the manufacturing and construction space are thinking about using new technologies to improve their quality assurance processes and the efficiency of their operations.
The Next Generation Antiperspirants
The next generation of the antiperspirant for FMCG industry innovation and business
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Building Innovative Capabilities for More Successful Product Launches
Biopharmaceuticals Product Launch: How to build innovative capabilities today in order to make product launches more efficient, cost effective, and successful in the future

Major research questions:
1. What successful product launches have you seen? What made them successful?
2. What are the most critical pain points or gaps around launching a product? What is driving those challenges?
3. How does a team prime the market for a successful launch?
4. What innovative capabilities around launch are most critical to develop for competitive advantage going forward?
5. What does a successful launch look like in one year from now? Five years from now?
6. How do organizations accelerate the product development and launch cycle times? What organizational approaches work best to fail fast and learn?
The Future of 3D Printing in Packaging Industries
understand opportunities in 3D printing in packaging industries--including those who supply packaging to auto, food, and medical. Looking for both those who are currently using/considering 3D tools as well as those who have general expertise in the packaging industry
The Latest Trends Driving Innovations in Lawn & Gardening
The Lawn & Garden Industry – current themes, relevant plant & bug biology, how current products work, and areas of disruption.
Technical Innovations in Botany, Gardening, & Agriculture
Technical Innovations in the Lawn & Garden Industry – current themes, relevant plant & bug biology, how current products work, and areas of disruption.
Facilitation Opportunity on Innovations and Advancements in Automotive Technologies
Developing New Research Methods in the Era of Big Data and AI
New Research Methods in the Era of Big Data and AI
Innovations in Oral Care
Understand dental professionals and how they are influenced, understanding if there are any differences depending on the type of professional and the means/channel how they are influenced
Ocean Plastics: Clean Up, Effects on Health, Rethinking Plastic Consumption, and Possible Alternatives
Ocean Plastics: Effects on Health, Clean up, Rethinking Plastic Consumption and Possible Alternatives

Plastics have become a valuable resource but an unnecessary waste burden. 8 millions tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year and over 90% of seabirds have plastic in their stomachs. Plastics finding their way into the food chain is a serious concern to human health.

What are the facts on the negative effects of plastics?
What are the effects on human health?
What are sustainable solutions for cleaning our oceans?
How do we reduce human consumption of plastic?
What are possible plastic alternatives that can be adopted?
Future of Research
Future of Research.
In a fast moving world, companies need research faster and more economically delivered answering an ever diverse set of questions. People and practices are expected to keep up with this.
Needs- Trends – What are the changing research needs companies have. How are time frames and expectations changing.
Alternatives – Solutions – Is greater access to online experts and online focus groups replacing lots of traditional research.
Benefits – Ideal solutions – Can more technology big data and AI replace lots of traditional research
Recommendations. – Actionable outcomes – What are you seeing succeed in the research field and what recommendations would you have for others?
Future of Management Consulting
Future of Management Consulting. As businesses struggle to cope with increasing disruption trends, consulting firms will continue to bring in new clients, how is consulting developing and being disrupted. Consulting firms are facing more competition from technology and freelancers. Technology is changing so fast keeping up to date with the latest trends that clients are asking for is a challenge.
Accelerating New Sources of Growth and Core Business Performances
Learn how leading companies are structuring their organizations, reward systems, and processes to accelerate core business performance while simultaneously building new sources of growth without trading off one for the other.

How to:
- Talk to the C-suite about innovation
- Manage core business portfolios and new growth opportunities as an interdependent system
- Balance resource allocation across core and transformative initiatives instead of competing for scarce resources
- Structure governance and decision-making mechanisms to quickly surface new business unknowns and de-risk innovation investment
- Establish high performing teams with the right mix of integration and separation from the base business
- Build a culture that embraces core and new business creation side-by-side
Capturing Knowledge to Empower Future Leaders and Employees
We believe that US companies are missing out on the tacit knowledge and accumulated wisdom embedded in the minds of their leaders at all levels. This knowledge needs to be captured, distilled and then shared with other team members. Team members also need the tools to enable the exchange of ideas and suggestions with peers. Management needs to be able to track this activity and rest secure in the data-driven evidence that having wiser people and a stronger culture leads directly to better business results.

We also believe that the lack of such a “wisdom economy” in most organizations contributes directly to the continuously disappointing employee engagement levels reported by Gallup every year. We would like to dive deep into this perceived “wisdom gap”.

The following are our initial questions for the panel to explore (THEMES):

- What is the overall “state of play” of management development efforts in US business firms?

- What are the roots of the persistent employee engagement problem within the US business community (e.g. Gallup)?

- To what extent do US companies train their emerging leaders on the so-called “soft skills” like leadership, decision-making, and interpersonal effectiveness?

- How are companies capturing the insights of senior and/or soon-to-retire senior leaders as a way of empowering their emerging leaders?

- To what extent are companies engaging their emerging leaders to impact decision-making?

- What educational tools are companies using to support emerging leaders regarding issues and challenges associated with age, gender and race?

- How are companies using digital tools to narrow down the age “gaps” of the five generations present in today’s workforce?

- What are the barriers to full commitment to effective management and leadership development within US companies?

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