How will deep learning impact future e-learning?


Deep learning using artificial intelligence is becoming more and more popular and having impacts on many areas of eLearning.

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Sola Omoyiola
22 months ago

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We still learn from our immediate environment... That's basic elementary science. Although I sometimes ask myself if deep learning is worth the stress of learning?

Marcel Onyeukwu
22 months ago

AI can play a significant part in how people learn. The technology can understand how an individual like to learn and provide material in the appropriate format. AI understands that some pope, prefer to look at presentation over lunch while others want text-driven information that can read in the evening. Students can also request very specific items of learning from the system.

This would be the equivalent of asking Netflix to show clips from Tom Cruise films where there were helicopters (say)

Look at systems such as iCOG

David Cottrell
22 months ago

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Stop Watch
21 months ago

One of the greatest challenges in e-learning is making the learning experience more appealing to the audience. More and more educators are aiming to design content that can engage and meet the needs of a diverse range of learners.e-learning does have more to offer over time because of its scalability. There are no size limits on virtual classes, allowing institutions to expand their reach to a much larger student body.

Jatindranath Das
1 month ago

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Bob Marley
8 days ago
Jamesato khan
7 days ago

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