Is IMT transmission is good for cars ?


Is IMT transmission is good for cars ?

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Fact DNA
44 months ago

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I just heard about it but it could be an interesting try. Did you test it?

Paolo Beffagnotti
44 months ago
Hi Paolo,in india it is a new transmission system.So didn't get much time to drive this.But drove around 30 mins and it was awesome as it comes with a manual gear box without any clutch so it feels good .But still again there is a question regarding its reliability . - Fact 44 months ago
There is no clutch pedal. You can also upshift or downshift with the accelerator pedal pressed, but that would require a slight amount of extra force while shifting gears - Jatindranath 40 months ago

Technically, IMT is a manual gearbox; it has gears and a gear lever that looks exactly similar to any manual gear lever. But the drive experience is more like an automatic car; IMT doesn’t have a clutch but just a brake and an accelerator pedal. Yet again, it’s not entirely automatic either, because the driver has to manually shift gears.

Jatindranath Das
40 months ago

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