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Well, new trend is how soon you are changing your mobile phone, you must have observed your friends, colleagues when see you with old model, they will keep poking about when are you buying new phone and some how you get compelled by them and go for new one.
Why are we so obssessed with these gadgets, is this marketing gimmick where these phone makers are in so firece competition with one another that in every 06 month or so they come up with new model with new features etc. Where is customer in all this, why are they forcing customers to go for new model, why can't they just let one model survive for few years. what sort of race is this?
I miss old days, I mean Nokia, Motorola days, that time we really used to wait for new model and feel so happy when it used to be introduced, I think that time it was healthy competition, what is your take on this?

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Masarrat A Shah
8 months ago

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Day by day people are loosing patience to wait and they want latest updates as soon as possible in their hands.
This is not the only reason to buy.Many reasons why people are doing like this.

  • Some people are like they want the greatest and largest in their hand which satisfy their inner need .
  • Some people are gadget lovers who wants the latest features should be on their phone which feel them more excited.
  • Some people can just afford the new phone So they are buying .That is it.They just get it any way.They don't think much.
  • Some people want to buy new phones and new features and they have enough money to do that.So don't think about price and how soon it changed and it will suitable for their requirement or not.

These telecom companies take advantages of this things and lunch a new model with some new features every month.which boost their business like anything.
Previously it wasn't happened ,because people were not aware of technologies more.Now Technology is the latest fashion among the people who can afford it.

"Just think Twice to buy Once"

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Fact DNA
8 months ago
Fact DNA, Absolutely spot on, yes these companies are playing with the minds of people and making them shun the set in hand and possess new one whether its of any other company or their own. Just to add one more point people are competing with eachother like if you have latest model and I have older version, in this scenerio you will make me feel low and which will force me toi buy new. - Masarrat A 8 months ago

New V. Used - I always buy a second generation used cell phone.

David Marcinko
7 months ago
Thats good David Marcinko but how frequently do you change and why only second genertion? - Masarrat A 7 months ago
Expense and low utility use; thanks - David 7 months ago
Like me, I like to buy used 1st Gen cars.... if I want to change. - Masarrat A 7 months ago
Agreed with most e-gadgets - David 7 months ago

The phone can alert you when there is breaking news, or your favorite team scores in a match. Many live events can now be followed via video, as well as text. Also, ordinary people can use their phones to capture photos and video at important events

Jatindranath Das
7 months ago
Cell phones decrease work productivity by 7% and growing. - David 7 months ago
Jatindranath Das, what I am saying is why are peple stressing on buying new phones, don't you think companies are playing with the mental status of customers and in return keeping themselves up in the market. - Masarrat A 7 months ago
Stressed over Phones? Oh My! I do not respond to Madison Ave marketing tripe. - David 7 months ago

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