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Why are some companies so bad at hiring?

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Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
50 months ago

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Hello! Companies have challenges with hiring the right HR, Talent, or People Dept. employees. They sit them in front on a computer and phone, say ‘here you go! Good luck!’ You don’t realize that those poor people really do NEED Luck!

Various Dept.s are worked in like silo’s, only focusing on their Dept’s vs. having the company’s best interest at the core of ALL of the Recruiting Strategies, NOT just thinking about the one Dept.

Another scenario is that companies hire HR people to do Recruiting. They may have some exposure to this experience, but that doesn’t mean that person can become a Business Partner to EVERY hiring manager. They shouldn’t even be asked to do this job anymore! They have many other areas to manage, and HR also has to make sure everyone is in compliance with the laws of their perspective State and/or Country.

Companies MUST change! They really need to understand that not everyone can or knows how to do recruiting. One Startup I helped, got ‘Lucky’ that no one SUED them! The managers were doing their own recruiting, and asked questions like: Are you married? Have kids? Oh you do? Well then how can you give this job 100%?—This is not a joke! They were asking these types of Company-Killing questions!

Bottom line: You get what you pay for when hiring a true Recruiter/Headhunter (someone with a huge, personal network filled with passive candidates; knows how to create the proper strategies needed to hire those Rock Star Candidates, that EVERY company truly wants; amongst, at least, 1079 other areas of expertise that is REQUIRED to be a REAL Recruiter/Headhunter).

Sherrie Stifter
50 months ago
Agreed Sherrie Stifter. I hope comanies will listen and change! - Imane 50 months ago
Imane BOUKHATEM, we should to write letters to our representatives in the parliament. - Hassan 50 months ago
As long as hiring teams are working traditionally expect then just to recruit. Talent acquisition and retention as mentioned by Hassan Qudrat-Ullah are the strategic decisions. for which traditional HR folks are hardly trained.. - Ali 49 months ago

There is hardly a short-cut to hiring especially tech-savy folks. Sometimes irrelevant questions will sacre off the expected pool of candidates.

Imane B
50 months ago

They just recrute and count heads, so they fail.

Ali Qudrat
50 months ago
Agreed, Ali Qudrat. Never. - Wasim 50 months ago

You are right Hassan- HR department has a lot to take care when it comes to legal and functional expertise. BUT, hiring manager or the business leader has a key role after HR gets the shortlisted candidates and manages legally and functionally correct procedures.

The issue today why we have many failed hirings has a lot of do with managers not spending right time in gaining necessary hiring and integration (post hiring) skills. Managers cannot make it HR only job and need to develop people skills in hiring, integrating and day to day motivating and engaging their team.

Anu Rathninde
50 months ago
Well said, Anu Rathninde/ Without propoer motivation and engagement, no talent can perform to the task. - Hassan 50 months ago
I agree with you Anu Rathninde and Hassan Qudrat-Ullah that HR folks should be well trained for these times where talent hunt is so competitive. With technology-based work, talent is needed everywhere. So, people's skills should be mastered by HR folks. - Wasim 50 months ago

poor hiring usually is a result of poor planning about how to hire. To do this right, the hiring manager needs to:

  1. determine the duties of the role
  2. figure out what behaviors or/and skills are needed to perform those duties
  3. develop questions that reveal those behaviors and skills
    1. the best way to do that is with behavioral questions--that is ask people to give you an example of time they demonstrated that skill or behavior
  4. ask follow up questions and take notes

too often people treat an interview like a chat. Being friendly is fine, but the hiring manager needs to focus on learning the value of the applicant. Too much talking and not enough listening is going to hurt

Ellen Raim
50 months ago
Agreed, dear Ellen Raim. Well said, listening is the minimum skill that a hiring team should posses. - Hassan 50 months ago
Listening is key. I agree Ellen. - Debbie 50 months ago
Thanks Ellen Raim, Hassan Qudrat-Ullah, and Debbie Reynolds, right on spot you are. Such a basic skill still ignored by many comanies HR folks. - Ali 50 months ago
Ellen Raim I like your post mentioning "hiring manager" and not HR. This is critical and often times poor hiring gets blamed on HR while we all know after HR screening , it is all about hiring manager. - Anu 50 months ago
Anu Rathninde, what about hiring teams? - Hassan 50 months ago
Hassan Qudrat-Ullah Hiring teams usually under HR department, in my experience treats their internal customer in this case "hiring manager" very well because if not it gets escalated to senior levels. It is usually the hiring manager, the person new recruit going to work be it engineering director or plant manager need to have accountability that it is his/her hire and not HR - Anu 50 months ago
Well, Anu Rathninde, I agree with Hassan Qudrat-Ullah that a hiring team should have representatives from various departments so better candidates for those very departments can be recruited. - Ali 49 months ago
Agree Ali Qudrat and Hassan Qudrat-Ullah, hiring is a team sport not just HR or hiring manager. - Anu 49 months ago

Simply, recruited headcount is not equal to talent hiring and retention. Most of the organizations simple fill in the positions without thinking it as a strategic move..

Wasim Safdar
50 months ago
Agreed, Wasim Safdar. Counting beans is not going to work anymore. - Tahir 50 months ago

Many companies are looking for unicorn candidates who can do many jobs for one salary. Some candidates are automatically rejected due to manufactured requirements that have no correlation to a candidate’s ability to do the work. Even companies who can clearly articulate what they want a candidate to do, have no idea what they should be asking for in terms of real world experience or background.

Debbie Reynolds
50 months ago
It is correct, I agree. - Jatindranath 50 months ago

There is a big difference between "hiring" in RECRUITING. I think most companies don’t spend the needed time to properly shake out candidates and vet them. They speed when reading through resumes… and sometimes the saying “the early bird gets the worm" is not the best strategy. The first person who applies may not be the strongest… but sometimes it might be. I think at times HR departments are so quick to want to fill seats… but, my perspective has always been I’d rather the seat be empty for an infinite amount of time than hire the WRONG person. When employees represent your brand, customer service, and excellence in all you do… it’s the organization's responsibility to shake the tree hard and ensure they are "RECRUITING" the right people to join the team. I always say the resume gets you the interview… but the interview needs to get you the job (or not). However, I see people run through interviews very quickly and they at times are more of chitchat discussions… and not actually prepared questioning of the candidate and finding out if their resume does indeed match their personality and their ability.

Sometimes the smallest department in an organization is HR. I’m not saying it needs to be the largest, but they have a big responsibility. How many times have you heard of applications coming to a company and sitting for many months without even being accessed by supervisors or even the HR department? I’ve had people tell me they applied for a job 10 months ago and never even heard anything back. That certainly doesn’t look impressive for the company. Even if the company is not interested in hiring that person they should at least make contact with them and cut them loose. I think at times it’s not that companies have “bad hiring practices"… but at times I don’t think they have "any" practices to begin with.

Posting vacancies on a job board and then sifting through resumes and hoping you get lucky is not recruiting the best and brightest. As a former military officer and commander, I also know that at times civilian organizations have very little experience deciphering a resume with lots of military experience. Hence, they sometimes just feel good about hiring someone that has "worn the uniform". But I can tell you as a former military commander, I’ve kicked out plenty of people from the military and even put some in jail. Just because they "served" doesn’t mean they served with honor and excellence. If you don’t know the difference between a general discharge and honorable discharge… and you can’t decipher the metals, ribbons, and achievements of a military individual… and all their military experience on the resume “looks like Greek to you"… you can’t just shake their hand and feel good because you hired a veteran.

Just like any other company, the military has its strong workers, their superstars, and others who just didn’t make the cut. "Serving" alone doesn’t ensure they’re a superstar... and if you have bad or no hiring practices when it comes to vetting military members… and you guessed wrong and got a bad group… often times organizations will say "those military people didn’t work out… they’re not as good as I thought they’d be". When however, the real mistake was in the organizations lack of hiring practice itself… not that the "military people didn’t work out". The other negative when that happens is an organization will get a bad taste in their mouth about hiring future former military veterans… and some real superstars who have served their country may lose out on being considered for work they are highly qualified for.

Rick J. LoCastro
50 months ago
Rick J. LoCastro, thanks for an excellent perspective on hiring. Yes, it is the perception held by the individuals that most often guide their decision making. - Hassan 50 months ago
Hassan Qudrat-Ullah, well perception often becomes reality. No matter what we do, we begin our decision making by first perceiving things about the context of the decision. - Ali 50 months ago
At the outset, it is really hard to ingore perceptions Hassan Qudrat-Ullah. With a diverse team of HR, they can see the mating traits and move on. - Tahir 50 months ago
Thanks for your comments Hassan Qudrat-Ullah! - Rick J. 50 months ago
Great point Debbie Reynolds, I often tell my staff that managers own talent, hiring and retention NOT HR. Good HR function will provide tools necessry but end of the day respective managers accountable for hriing and retention. - Anu 50 months ago
Thanks for your comments Debbie Reynolds! The HR Dept can be a big help... dead weight depending on how they are led and how they interact with the leadership of the organization. - Rick J. 50 months ago
I agree with Hassan Qudrat-Ullah, Tahir Iqbal, , Ali Qudrat and Rick J. LoCastro that perceptions held by people often become a reality. The hiring team should take a strategic view, not just fill in or cound the heads only. Hiring team should comprise of people from other departmenst as well. - Bo 49 months ago

The real reason for bad hiring practices is the dichotomy of the fact that while a functional department raises the hiring requirement, its the HR department that executes it. This is problematic because of the following reasons:

  1. People who are keen to apply want to see the boss and other seniors they will be working with as people work first for a boss and then for the company in most cases. . Hence the job requirement needs to be issued by a functional department who is carrying the budget for the hiring as well its hiring-quantity requirement with names of leadership stalwarts who man the department and few stellar success-experts working in the company (with success-details in brief) of the related department
  2. Hiring requirements need to be handled by the marketing & sales departments with multichannel, outreach & people delight focus and not the usual 'egoistically-dry' HR approaches. See I am not trying to defame HR folks, but most of the recruitment teams lack the customer delight and persuasive/attractive prospecting qualities that marketing & sales folks survive on.
  3. Onboarding of new hires again needs to be handled by sales and marketing folks just like a new customer is pampered by sales & marketing folks with special offers & freebies and personalised attention as the new hires will definitely be a bit uncomfortable in their new positions
  4. the entire new hire recruitment process >>from issuing the requirement to its hiring pitch outreach on different offline & online channels to replying to candidates to interviews to onboarding and integration of new hires into the company needs to be handled in a sales driven 'customer-delight-manner'
  5. in case of campus hiring, the college recruitment cells need a definite overhaul to ensure better fitment between students' aspirations and hiring requirements of companies coming in for campus hiring. The students need to be nurtured on all the different qualities (CV making, self-marketing on social media, employability soft skills+hard skills) for many months along with regular internships in the related industry segment. along with Linkedin and social media marketing engagements between students, college placement cells & hiring company's relevant hiring folks
  6. Students are often confused about what best suits their skills , hence, they should use a mix of advice from alumni and google search to finalise their own recruitment marketing approach
  7. Students / new hire desirous folks need to employ their own personalised, persuasive recruitment marketing/personal branding engagement best practices to build a brand image of hiring suitability.

To sum up my above mentioned points the hiring process is a key component of overall employer branding & HR marketing ecosystem as employee referrals also play a key role. Thus hiring needs to be managed by the sales and marketing folks and the HR department as recruitments needs a data driven people-persuasive/people-pampering sales DNA and not HR approach (''dry'backend/support character). Additionally colleges need to revamp their own campus hiring process and make it more aligned to evolving hiring needs of recruiters at one end and student aspirations as the other end of the hiring spectrum. I say all this from my 24 years experience as employer branding, HR marketing (internal communications & marketing) and recruitments marketing expert and professional colleges teaching & employability training (visiting faculty and college recruitments advisor)


Anshumali Saxena
50 months ago
Exactly, I agree with you that hiring needs to be managed by the sales and marketing personnel. - Jatindranath 50 months ago
I agree Anshumali Saxena ( that hiring team should have members from not only sales and marketing but also from operations department. - Ali 49 months ago
Well said, Anshumali Saxena ( - Bo 49 months ago

Hiring Practices should be Smart. Candidates who want to work be simple enough and incorporate flexibility into your hiring practices in hiring selecting curious candidates and adjust  as per your company requirement for hiring needs as necessary.

Jatindranath Das
50 months ago
Correct - simplicity & clarity in action makes it understandable to a larger audience, sincerity, integrity, and process agility endears recruiters to everybody...and when all these come together the entire hiring process value chain gets resurrected sufficiently to be more attractive and effective to all - Anshumali 50 months ago
Simple and smart is key... so is engagement by the HR Dept with the leaders of the organization... and vice versa. - Rick J. 50 months ago

Hiring/Recruiting requires an all round effort from an organization. It is more or less an activity which should start from within the departments by understanding the requirements of the type of skilled pesonnel and the number of personnel. This requirement when justified by the respective department the HR department, should then be followed up with an apt job description according to which qualified candidates must be recruited.

Many companies instead of following this method, give in to the pressures of recruiting due to nepotism/personal contacts, less salary payments, and many a times less experienced/qualified HR personnel not understanding the requirements of the company.

Pramela Nair Panthallor - PhD
49 months ago
bang on target>> Employer branding is a coordinated fusion effort across departments in today's web-transparent very neglected area is personal branding of key leaders involved in hiring...their wow people leadership credentials enmeshed with corporate re-organisation successes along with their community-compassion credentials to project them as inspired, employees-thrive-experts! - Anshumali 49 months ago
Hassan Qudrat-Ullah, Dr. Pramela Nair Panthallor, and Anshumali Saxena (, we said. Unless HR is elevated at the topd management decsion level, firms will fail to acquire and retain a talented workforce. - Ali 49 months ago
AAbsolutely...and to justify being the battle front guys the HR folks too need to re-invent themselves as more sales-savvy, digital disruptive-participative and people-friendly. This is especially true in college freshers' hiring as I colleges attract nwest generation with diverse cultural & education backgrounds. So to handle them HR needs a different mindset & be digitally savvy & interactive - - Anshumali 49 months ago
HR needs to realise that for hiring to succeed you cannot have one size fits all approach and they to sensitise hiring focus according to the sentiments, sensitivities of the target audince. HR recruiters need to win with heart-count and not simply by head count. HR hiring folks are important employer branding ambassadors and thus need to be extremely people & marketing savvy - Anshumali 49 months ago
Hassan Qudrat-Ullah and Anshumali Saxena (, I agree that HT folks need to be more strategic in their decisions. Sure, they should be at the table but well equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to make strategic decisions. - Wasim 49 months ago
Wasim Safdar, I think you HR folks (not HT folks)? Yes, HR folks should be strategic in hiring when they are to create long-term strategic assets for their firm.. - Bo 49 months ago

When hiring managers are tasked to complete the headcount in the stipulated time often in weeks, only shortcut-oriented hiring practices can be seen. For hiring better-qualified folks, the hiring process should be sound and strategic.

Tahir Iqbal
49 months ago
I agree with Tahir Iqbal. Thanks for yoru coment. - Ali 49 months ago

Peopple are tempted to use technology to screen the applicants. However, for successful and sustaibale hiring, human interactions are essential.

Bo Chen
49 months ago
Thank you Bo Chen for this excellent point. Screening is hardly equal to hiring. - Hassan 49 months ago
I agree with you Bo Chen and Hassan Qudrat-Ullah, no quick fix in hiring. Sure, if you are hiring temp workers, you can use technology to do. But if you want to build a strategic team for your business, a talented and well-trained hiring team is needed.. - Ali 49 months ago
With AI being used in CV screening software / hiring bots, large volumes of CV can be accurately screened.In today's google driven life, the candidate needs to prepare his CV for the perspective of keywords. And since a person first works for his boss and then for the company, the functional boss should take the first interview and not the HR team as the functional boss needs to set the right tone - Anshumali 49 months ago
I agree with Ali Qudrat, Bo Chen, and Hassan Qudrat-Ullah that for strategic hiring, the hiring team must be diverse drwaing upin the expertise of various departments. - Wasim 49 months ago

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