Huawei ban esclated to the US-China war


Trump has escalated Huawei to the entity list making for the Chinese company almost impossible to make business in the US. Considering that one of the Huawei supplier is located in the US, this will be another big problem. Furthermore all the technologies developed through Made in China 2025 will be in the Commerce Department export control list.
What's next for Huawei now? Will governments find an agreement or this will be escalated to other US/Chinese companies?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
41 months ago

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Things are certainly not very clean at Huawei's end. Huawei is a company that deals with your "voice calls and messages " and at the same time governed by a Government, that doesn't go good with USA.
I think, US government always knew what the company is doing but this time, they took the decision just to show their strong hand to China.

Hitesh Mathpal
41 months ago
So you think the US decision is even based on the current challenging relationship with China? - Paolo 41 months ago
In my view yes Paolo Beffagnotti, the recent rift is the reason. - Maya 41 months ago

Paolo Beffagnotti , the actual decisions of the US-government are highly emotional and difficult to predict Huawei is a mixture between relevant topics and election propaganda. Huawei is a strong company, backed up by Chinese government, but for their international management it is a difficult time.

Patrick Henz
41 months ago
Yes, but also in European countries and Latin America, also Africa. - Patrick 41 months ago
They could be successful just in China for a while, but will this be enough? - Paolo 41 months ago

Spying was there. They knew it I guess. If they did not - its a serious security issue for Americans. But the timing is certainly political.

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
41 months ago
I think they knew and this is political - Paolo 41 months ago

Huawei did not escalate the US-China war, its the other way around. It looks like they have taken it to the next level. It may possible that US alliances may also follow US in a long run.

Charu Gulati
41 months ago
Agree, others may follow. - Hitesh 41 months ago
Agree others may follow but I hope not and the current situation will be fixed - Paolo 41 months ago

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