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Do you think self employment is better than employment? How. If so what self employment you prefer as better. If employment is your choice, do you prefer a job as better in private company, Government Company, in Government job or bank job? Why.

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Jatindranath Das
55 months ago

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I am self-employed but also worked in industry for many years. In order to be self-employed one needs a set of skills that others are willing to pay for. If there are enough of these people and repeat business follows, there is a chance to make self-employment work.

The downside is that there has to be enough money to survive through quiet times. Few people want work during summer holidays and Christmas/Thanksgiving so sufficient money needs to be earned in 10 months.

There are also a lot of other issues to deal with. Tax returns, winning customers, invoicing, accounts. Not everyone can cope with these challenges. This way employment lies.

David Cottrell
55 months ago
Hence self employment is difficult but any body can success if have skill but earn more.. But employment is to manage sincerely with limited income and limited responsibilities to manage properly. - Jatindranath 55 months ago
Agreed - David 55 months ago
But I think more educated youth prefer to have a secured Govt job, can you agree with me? - Jatindranath 55 months ago

Self employment is good but in certain ways. Only if its giving you more than the same you can get in the employment.
For example for a job of X you can get a salary of $5000 + Pension + Medical + Vacations + Bonus. If you decide to do the same job as self employee you need to get at least $10,000 just double.

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
55 months ago
Agree. Good example - Charu 55 months ago

I think there are pros-cons for both but in self employment you are your own boss only for flexibility. However, your clients derive you and they are your boss. However, if you manage to grow your business, you get more money and success that you get in any employment.

Charu Gulati
55 months ago
In both the cases you have to acquire Education and Skill training. In case of employment less risk less gain. Where as in case of self employment you have to get experience in the field where you want to start business and preliminary capital, infrastructure expenses, core employee and their salary required. After that there is risk of loss. If succeed you will get more than the employment. - Jatindranath 55 months ago

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