I lost my job to AI machine, what next for me?


We all are seeing how AI is taking over human jobs in various fields, like medicine, retail, logistics, mainly call centers. The biggest threat to jobs might not be physical robots, but intelligent software agents that can understand our questions and speak to us, integrating seamlessly with all the other programs we use at home and at work. And call centers are particularly at risk. However, this role of AI is also as helper rather than replacement as being said in various forums. So, do we need our employees to learn new skills quickly and move to new roles or wait and watch?

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Masarrat A Shah
29 months ago

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what a thought provoking question!
AI is a tool; and as a tool it will always be subordinate to humans in many ways. However as with lots of technological shifts before it, there will be some job changes resulting from its rise to prominence.
I think the answer is not either/or, but yes/and. Yes, there are some lower level jobs (as you mentioned call centers) where the bulk of the employees will be replaced. Employers should have a plan to redeploy these workers into other roles. And, there will be some new types of jobs created as a result of AI that we can not even conceive yet because we do not know the full effects of AI. These will likely be technical and/or more skilled. This is a "wait and see". Think of all the jobs in data analytics that did not exist even 5 years ago. When new needs come to the fore, we will find people with the skills or grow people's skills more "real time" to meet this need.

Ellen Raim
29 months ago
You are right Ellen, we have seen lot of technology changes and people have adapted and upskilled themselves to those areas but question is how many, After upgrading your skill requires money, nothing comes free. So, companies upskilling school and college students for AI, ML etc is that enough. How about current employees. - Masarrat A 29 months ago

Honestly I would think that this would depend on the skill level required. For example, if AI is able to go through a menu of appropriate responses but gets to a question that requires advanced problem solving and critical thinking that would probably be better addressed by a human with that skill set. In my experience with AI I have not been impressed with the "critical thinking" side of AI and I think humans are still more advanced in this area. So I would say in terms of having skills that can't be replaced by AI Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking skills are the two that AI will struggle to compete with.

Cara O'Neal
29 months ago
Cara, yes its us who is feeding the AI and it needs human intervention at every step for providing right answers. Its upto us how and what we want AI system to do or how to act. - Masarrat A 29 months ago

Terminator style! Go back in time and redirect the inventors of AI into another area of research.

David Cottrell
29 months ago
I think we are in that era now, everyday something new, constant race, - Masarrat A 29 months ago

Erik Brynjofsson, Director at the Massachusetts Institute (MIT) of Technology for Digital Economy: “AI won’t be able to replace most jobs anytime soon. But in almost every industry, people using AI are starting to replace people who don’t use AI, and that trend will only accelerate.” 

Paul Ryan, IBM Watson’s UK Director of Artificial Intelligence: “Every major decision, business and personal, will be made with the assistance of cognitive technologies.”

Nevertheless singe jobs can get away completely, but this is nothing new. Just remember that in the past each elevator had a person to press the buttons to stop at the different levels. The best protection to not get automated is to focus on "human skills", individual decisions, nor requiring big-data.

Patrick Henz
29 months ago
Agree with you Pat. - Masarrat A 29 months ago
Thanks!! - Patrick 29 months ago

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