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Studying tertiary education or start working in a younger age is a better option? Since many graduates are having difficulties in finding job and thus leaving the school earlier and obtain a technical skills seem to be a better option?

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Adrian Minh
21 months ago

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Yes, Adrian now lot of tech. companies are looking for people who can just learn new technologies like AI, IoT, Cyber Security etc and get into real work. Companies are tying up with the schools and colleges and providing the training to their students. Earlier we had Blue Collar and White Collar jobs, and now we have new term called "New Collar Jobs" where an individual does not need Graduation or Degree, they just need required tech. skill and expertise.
So, yes as you mentioned technical skills are very important and need of an hour to get a job.

Masarrat A Shah
21 months ago
Agreed Masarrat! Most companies are hiring their employee base on certain skill that they are able to perform rather than their university titles! - Lawrence 21 months ago

Why not do both? I studied for my degree while in full-time employment.

David Cottrell
21 months ago
Amazing! Working while studying is not an easy stuff! - Adrian 21 months ago
Statistical Thermodynamics 18:00-21:00 after a full day at work was a challenge! - David 21 months ago
Yes, that is possible.While one person in full time employment he can get higher education as well as skill training with permission of company. In several instances company provide such skill education to their employee by company expenses to meet need for rare or spacial training for company use. - Jatindranath 21 months ago
There are often government grants for employers to support such education - David 21 months ago
Agree David Cottrell, I managed to combine both the activities with a shared goal and it worked out - Paolo 21 months ago

Getting a technical skill is more worth while than a university title as most high income big tech companies are hiring base on the skill set that a person poses rather than what they have studied in their tertiary education! Most companies are seeking people who are able to perform the given job with relevant experiences so that they could help to generate more revenue for the company. I should say that most fresh graduates today lack certain skill sets that most companies. are looking for. Some of the skill sets are not taught in their previous education institution or only able to obtain through self study and experience in the real world!

Lawrence Loy
21 months ago
Lawrence Loy. I definitely agreed with you. We need some hand on skills to survive in this world! - Adrian 21 months ago

It is a bit more complicated than the two responses provided above. There are two issues at play and they stand at opposing ends. First of all, there is the increased need to find young professionals who are highly skilled in computational sciences or technical areas. There are companies who are looking for highly skilled workers. However, there is also the need, recognized by the world economic forum, for new workers who have highly developed soft skills. Here, employers are looking for young people who have team skills, are creative, are critical thinkers, and have the writing and numeracy skills. These 21st century companies are less concerned about their high level technical skills than they are about their future ability to manage and work in a highly complex and interdisciplinary world. Many companies are looking for future leaders. Highly skilled trained individuals that complete less education are often not mature enough nor have the skill to work in teams, work creatively, and be critical thinkers. So, there are two sides to the coin. We need technically skilled folks and we need well rounded critical thinkers who show empathy and compassion and can work with lots of different people. I hope the US and other countries continue to develop both kinds of people.

Charles Gullo
21 months ago
Exactly. This view is highly appreciable.. Without highly qualified critical thinker future leader company can not grow properly in complete shape which is necessary requirement. As swell as employee with specific skills to dispose responsibility and instant need of company is also absolutely required. So education and skill training are both required for youth to capture for complete development. - Jatindranath 21 months ago
True! STEM education and skill training are both very important for career development - Adrian 21 months ago

You can always work while you study to balance your cashflow. Good education brings good job.

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
21 months ago
Working with study is part time, for a stable full time profession, you need good skills. If you can get them from education. - Charu 21 months ago
Charu Gulati..True that good skills need to combine with professional skill in order to maximize your potential! - Adrian 20 months ago

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