What is the current path to prevention for Vascular Disease ?


If you are not familiar with the current stats of Vascular disease, it has now outweighed all cancer deaths in 2018.

Vascular disease; heart attack, stroke,

what is the current path to prevention for patients?

A. What is your current medical opinion on where technology should go in order to capture risk value in a shorter timespan?

B. Do you have or are you aware of the current clinical protocol to test out patients in normal lipid ranges for hidden risk values?

C. 40% of all vascular episodes, the first symptom is "death"
what are your thoughts on that?

D. Should your average patient be seeing a family physician with less precise expertise in the area, or shell out for a vascular specialist?

There is a current test available that looks at the specificity in a higher range with patients of even value lipids and normal posed risk. It is considered the most viable option when detecting hidden risk values.

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Alexander Guizzotti
2 months ago

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Well-balanced healthy diet (no salt or sugar and animal fats; whole grain (no refined flour); calories intake only as much your body uses; exercise at least an hour a day; drinking plenty of water, with only a little of alcohol; a happy, low -stress life style.

Karel Petrak
2 months ago

Many of the issues that impact vascular disease are within our own control. Diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol. Stop some and moderate others.

David Cottrell
2 months ago

Can any type of non-invasive technology help with continuous (non-disruptive) monitoring?

Thanos Kosmidis
2 months ago

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