Karel Petrak

Karel Petrak

New concepts in drug targeting at NangioTx

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- generated safety, toxicity and efficacy preclinical data, and designed several clinical studies (mucositis, necrotizing enterocolitis, head and neck cancer, severe sepsis) which showed talactoferrin to be effective in Phase 2 clinical studies. - raised $10+ MM federal funds to support the above clinical studies.

- led development of gene-based products for asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and transplant rejection project funded by Syntex (later Roche) with a total budget of $17 million. I filed patents for the electroporation and ultrasonic-nebulization technologies for gene delivery.

- managed a testing laboratory and a data management/statistics group (staff of 20, monitoring 5000+ studies) and streamlined stability testing to achieve 20% reduction of the overall work-volume and costs.

- developed self-assembling nanoparticles that avoided recognition by the reticulo-endothelial system of the body – a property essential for a systemic delivery of site-specific systems.

- developed and patented new photographic and electro resist materials, a surfactant-specific electrode, and a method for measuring diffusion of oxygen through coated polymer layers. I also developed polymer/polymer interactions and phase separation systems which found a major practical application in the company’s coating technology.

Published over 100 scientific publications and patents.

Specialties: Project leadership and management in all aspects of drug research and development.
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Chief Scientific Officer at NangioTx
VP for R&D at Agennix Inc.
Director and Program Head at Gene Medicine
VP R&D at GeneRxPlus
Research Area Head at Ciba-Geigy / Novartis
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