US to combat counterfeit and Pirated Goods


The White House has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on combating trafficking in counterfeit and pirated goods,
Marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba welcomed the initiative, however their liability will increase.
Will this be an effective measure to tackle counterfeits? What about the effects on the marketplaces?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
2 months ago

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There are sufficient technologies in place to completely remove the threat of counterfeit products (CDs, DVDs, Drugs, Food etc).

The two that should be used in combination are Blockchain and Microscale 3D printing offered by SofMat. With this, you have fully traceable, secure solution combined with a printing technology that cannot be replicated.

I would anticipate no effect on the market place as you are just adding some additional technology.

Darryl Glover
2 months ago
Indeed there are technologies in place, I like the blockchain solution, but just these are not enough. All the players should be willing to cooperate and a strong input from governments is needed too. - Paolo 2 months ago

Some years ago I visited Kusadasi in Turkey. Their market drew in day-trippers from all over the region. Virtually every product on sale was counterfeit. T-shirts, bags, jewellery all branded with big names, all fake. I realise that you are really talking about 'high level' fakery but it exists at many levels.

David Cottrell
2 months ago
Yes people can get high quality counterfeit difficult to identify, cheap low prices goods or knock-offs. Depending on what people want and on the location, it is possible to have access to everything. Most of the times, counterfeits are manufactured just on request, these are stil not on the real market but only digital images available online. - Paolo 2 months ago
Here it is with the comment from Amazon and Alibaba, - Paolo 2 months ago

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