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Service Integration and Management or SIAM is new trend in the Service Management area of business, Now, organisations are looking for a central body which can take care off their Service Management processes and vendors. I can say a single point of contact for a client. It takes care of Governance, Processes, Service Lines, System Integration and so on, Me being part of this area actually enjoyed working for vendors under this umbrella.
So, do you think this is the best way of handling our IT business and rely on SIAM. What should we do it make it more viable to Client so that they adopt it?

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Masarrat A Shah
15 months ago

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Is this 'central body' outsourced to a third party? If so, it's a huge part of the value of your business in the hands of someone else. It would need very careful management.

David Cottrell
15 months ago

Organizations are integrating with different platforms to bridge the gap between multiple business functions which is key source for growth of organizations to their existing processes, people, technology and information to stay ahead of the competition through well-integrated system to l reduce energy consumptions for valuable customer data.

Er Jangyadutta D
15 months ago

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