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I really like that. Are you using it when planning your activities?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
10 days ago

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Paolo Beffagnotti. Prior to the chat for time management, may be we could add on this chat.
It is importantto start with setting a daily goal and the goal of each activity as a guideline so that we know which to prioritize. What do you think?

Lawrence Loy
10 days ago
True enough! Goals must be set prior to classify it! - Chun 10 days ago
Absolutely right, frame your projects by establishing goals, stakeholders, timelines and how to achieve the expected outcome. - Paolo 9 days ago
Duration of the goal is important in goal setting as it is one of the criteria to prioritize what to do in time management - Chun 9 days ago
Right Chun, set a deadline in advance. This will support in putting it into the present and increase commitment to achieve the goal - Paolo 9 days ago

Just would like to summarize the discussion.
1.Time management is more than just managing time
2.Correct goals setting is important
3.Use Eisenhower matrix to manage oneself in relation to time by setting priority by taking charge of the situation and optimize time utilization
4.Change habits that are either waste of time or non productive. Basically = Eliminate it!

Chun Wei
9 days ago
Good recap Chun, thanks for this! Anyone want to add something? - Paolo 9 days ago
Perhaps, maintaining the new habit to actively manage our time could be one. Persistance is important. - Lawrence 8 days ago

In some ways yes. However, with agile project plans this is kind of sorted. In Agile, "Eliminate" can be considered as lowers priority task.

Hitesh Mathpal
10 days ago
I've seen multiple permutations of this urgent vs. important matrix since first seeing it in Stephen Covey's 7 Habits book in the 1980s. A helpful construct. - Don 10 days ago
Hitesh, yes eliminate has the lowers priority. Delegate is still relevant however you have other persons in the team that can take over. Do later is the tipical work that you found after your desk after months until it does not turn to be at least urgent or important. Do first is a priority now. - Paolo 10 days ago

The chart could be further simplify into do first and do later. If one could just sort out their daily activities into urgent and not urgent stuff, they are able execute their daily activity efficiently to progress smoothly in their life.
*This is because sometime it is difficult for some to sort out stuff that are important or not important. It might be not important for one but important for others.**

Lawrence Loy
10 days ago
You should consider the overall priority of the case, including for you.self. Priority for the leadership is more relevant than not for other team. Keep in mind deadline as well, in any case follow up to let people know where you stand.. - Paolo 10 days ago
Paolo Beffagnotti has stated an important statement " Priority for leadership is essential". Knowing what to do first and when to do determine the outcome and the success of the whole team! - Chun 10 days ago
Exactly, almost everything we receive a priority for someone. The challenge is to determine which is the main priority overall. - Paolo 9 days ago

Time is the most important commodity we have. A key aspect of management is knowing what not to do. As previous respondents have said, there are many 'versions on a theme' to the original matrix. I would add 'mission critical vs non-mission critical' as a further option to prioritise tasks.

David Cottrell
10 days ago
True enough Wealth can't buy time. Time management is essential for success! - Chun 10 days ago
According to political economy time is a scarce resource. You can't buy, sell or exchange your time, just find the best way to use it. - Paolo 9 days ago
Why are some people so poor at doing this? - David 9 days ago
Lack of organization maybe, in particular if you are overwhelmed with requests - Paolo 9 days ago
Or is just a desire to try and please everyone? In the end dno one is satisfied becasue the person never gets on top of the many taks outstanding. - David 9 days ago
Right David, this is a good point that move back to prioritization and the ability to delegate - Paolo 9 days ago
Paolo, the bottom half of your matrix is key. Delegate or Eliminate. This makes time for the most important job. Simple really! - David 9 days ago

Yes Paolo Beffagnotti, this is one of the management basics, but it is always good to remind, especially under pressure...

Patrice L. Tiolet, INPG, MBA, CPSM
10 days ago
Under pressure people tends to forget the basics acting under a kind of automated rail. I printed a copy of this and I keep it in front of me all the time. It helps. - Paolo 9 days ago
True enough under pressure some time made man forgot their goals and time management! - Chun 9 days ago

I've seen situations where people have been rewarded for 'fire fighting'. Further questioning suggests that these people created the fire in the first place.
Why plan a sensible use of one's time if 'panic mode' gets more attention?

David Cottrell
9 days ago
There's alos the concept of 'ready-fire-aim'. Lets just do something and we'll find out if it's right as we go along. - David 9 days ago

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