Most important EVP attribute in the future


What EVP attribute(s) will matter most to candidates 5 years from now? How are they different from today, and why will that attribute(s) matter so much to candidates?

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Amanda Joseph-Little
7 days ago

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Hard to predict But the companies who’s vision, goals and culture are in sync with a touch of personalisation will win. As for the employees they will always want more or less the same. Honesty, recognition, reward, purpose, engagement, responsibility, flexibility...and the order of those things will be personal on one hand and driven by the market on the other.

Joël Van Ormelingen
7 days ago

Diversity and a sense of purpose and where does the company give back to the community

Stephen Battalia
7 days ago

I agree with Stephen Battalia. I think in the workplace of the future we will see a continued melding of the company brand and the employee value proposition. In other words, employees will join companies because they believe in the mission and believe that they can add value to bringing that mission to life.

I think that most of the things we think of as parts of EVP will (even have already) become very generic and also expected. For instance, can you really differentiate your vacation or your 401k from other companies. The real value to candidates (and existing employees) will be the brand promise and how well the employer "walks that talk" through the employee culture

Ellen Raim
7 days ago
Interesting, I love the idea that it's not just about the EVP attributes per se, but the degree to which the EVP and employment brand mirrors the company brand. Today, candidates expectations of a potential employer are at least driven as much by the company brand as the employment brand. - Amanda 6 days ago

Thank you Ellen

Stephen Battalia
6 days ago

Resilience in an ever-increasing VUCA world.

Jean-Jacques Verhaeghe
4 days ago

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