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With proliferation of machines and algorithms in human life, could robots and artificial intelligence do more harm than good? How will Artificial Intelligence (AI) transform the way we interact with machines in the days/years to come?

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Kishor Akshinthala
7 months ago

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In future we all will live and work with our personal AI assistant, similar to today's Alexa, Siri o Cortana. At the workplace the AI will give us pre-options to support our decisions. The human can review this first information, and include this in his/her decision. It is important that we (the human) stay the Alpha-dog inside the Human-AI-Team. If not, the AI will manage us, instead of us managing the machine.

Patrick Henz
5 months ago
Not me. - Dr. David E. 5 months ago
I tend to be controlling with a bit of OCD - Dr. David E. 5 months ago
Ive got a dumb phone and a very smart secretary - Dr. David E. 5 months ago
With this you are in a lucky position as already earlier waves of automation replaced most of assistant positions in companies. Thanks to the implementation of PCs, managers have to writer their letter themselves. - Patrick 4 months ago
More work, less luck but thanks - Dr. David E. 4 months ago
... and cheaper for the company. - Patrick 4 months ago
Endowments, and funding, too - Dr. David E. 4 months ago

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5 months ago

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