Self-Care in the Caring Professions


Many of the professions with the highest rates of suicide are those in the rhealm of caring for others (police officers, firefighters, veterinarians, dentists, doctors, researchers, military personnel).

  • How can we destigmatize help-seeking for these helping professionals?
  • What self-care do you incorporate in your life to guard against self harm?
  • How can our professional associations/other teach and encourage personal lifestyle balance and health?
Self care
Helping Others
Beth McNamara, MSW
34 months ago

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Although no reliable statistics yet exist, anecdotal reports suggest a marked rise in physician suicide in recent years. From the reports I am receiving it is a lot more than the oft cited “medical school class” of 400 per year.

This necessitates an evaluation of predisposing risk factors such as substance abuse and depression, but also requires a critical examination of what external forces may be involved. For example:

What acute and cumulative situational and psychosocial factors are involved in the descent from suicidal ideation to planning to completion? 

What makes suicide a potential option for doctors and what acute events precipitate and trigger the final act?\

Thank you

Dr. David E. M
21 months ago

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