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When I go to the supermarkets I spend more than 2 hours just reading each product info to decide if it fit in the term natural or not.... Only if you go to specialized store in natural products, you will be "safe", however, why the goverments do not do anything to rule the production of products to be more natural from the begining???

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María F Lara
33 months ago

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Regulatory laws & regulations would be nice for we, the people here in US.Other countries seem to be doing better at this.
Big Ag/Biotech here has another view. They are all about their subsidies, their profits, controlling our food supply, & not us, our health.

To get 'safe, natural' foods, we would need to overhaul our system to eliminate lobbyists, payoffs to politicians to support them, & elect those who can put our health first then we can have regulations, truth in labeling, etc.

In the meantime, it is up to us to educate ourselves, make good choices, & do the best we can to prepare our own food from scratch from whole, organic ingredients.

Jacquie Walburn
33 months ago
Agree! - María F 33 months ago

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