21st Century Consumer Behaviour


What is the current consumer behaviour in the 21st century, since most people are serious about health issues?

Samuel Tulashie
65 months ago

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This is really interesting query. I think there is not an "average" answer but there is a rapid diversification:
a) food as delight
b) food as nutrition
c) food as medicine
d) food for convenience
e) organic/natural
f) food to reduced weight
and this list goes on. The key is the intersection of several to create trends that will last.

Jim Barrett
63 months ago

Hard to really to say without any specificity. The biggest movement coming from the general consumer is:

  1. Eating Organic Food, such as Fruit and Vegetables
  2. Functional Medicine- Food is being looked at as the medicine for:
    • Digestive health
    • Blood Pressure*Cholesterol
    • Obesity & *Inflammation
    • Diabetes
    • Bone health
  • Hormonal Balance Food Allergies Prevention focus like weight loss
    • When is comes to nutrition, the consumer wants to be healthy but a consumer needs that quality & convince for their lifestlyle and diet choice(s).
Richard Chamberlin
61 months ago

Customization. Please not only want purpose specfic foods, such as Jim mentions above, but they want to customize it to their liking. Personalized M&Ms are a great example of this in the treat category.

John Zigament
60 months ago

I see a bigger appreciation for food as a social pursuit. It is not only about the appearance, tase, and nutritional value. It is also about sharing, social engagement and status. There is a lot of personal identity tied into food!

Veronika Litinski
58 months ago

Consumers are becoming more experimental in trying multiple options. Thanks to the revolutions in internet for providing easy access to consumer to ready made personalized information. Consumers are taking utmost advantage of this in choosing the ingredients, combinations and recipes.

Samares B
57 months ago

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