In-transit visbility


Would like to understand how supply chain tower can integrate my suppliers and transporters to provide global in-transit visibility to improve pharmaceutical planning

Valan Joseph
72 months ago

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If it can be stored on the same shelf and same bag, why should it be on the same truck many truck is full on the way.

Dilsat Uyguroglu
72 months ago

Valan, I invite you to investigate the logistics concept of the physical Internet - a way of transporting goods in standardized boxes through a network of muti-media transportation network. To that extent, a box part nof a lot, can be transported by different means, and the lot is finally grouped at the destination, like with data blocks with the Internet.
The assumption behind this kind of concept is the ability to track and trace the localisation of boxes, and then of goods, in real-time.

Patrice L. Tiolet, INPG, MBA, CPSM
72 months ago

Intransit Visibility
There will be one single centre for booking, shipping and delivery all orders with advance shipment notifications collated in one place and shared with everyone on that needs to know.
Suppliers, freight forwarders, shipping lines and warehouses will speak directly with the control tower to provide end to end supply chain visibility in one place.
The control tower will be responsible for
• Carrier rate management
• Order consolidation
• Multimodal / multi leg
• Carrier selection (cost / Service based)
• Booking / tendering
• Automated carrier booking and confirmation
• Re-routing of declined or expired booking.
• Manual bookings / confirmations available for emergency shipments
• Orders & shipments visibility
• Item level visibility provides the ability to find or track orders anywhere in your logistics network.
• Track & Trace
• Pro-active alerting
• Driver and equipment details for site access and security
Freight Payment and Reporting:
• Invoices from carriers
• Match and pay
• Automatic /manual approval
• Full suite of operational and management reports
Business Continuity Plans
The control Tower will also activate established business continuity plans / routes and suppliers in the supplier chain as they may be required based on pre-agreed trigger points

Segun Abati
72 months ago

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